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but alas I am not a runner, in case you haven’t guessed that already. I would like to be a runner, in fact I would love to be a runner. It’s kinda hard to be motivated to run when you are carrying around at least 100 extra pounds. Yup…100 pounds. Considering I am only 22, and haven’t had all that much time to acquire 100lbs, I am kind of ashamed of myself. Why couldn’t I have acquired 100 dollars, or 100 friends on Facebook? Probably because I was too busy stuffing my face. Or thinking about food, planning what I was going to eat next. As a kid I would plan the ideal eating time, when no one was home so they wouldn’t know how much or what I was eating. I dreamed of the day I would go to college and I could eat as much as I wanted and no one would or could say anything. I figured out which people to make friends with so it wouldn’t look like I was eating all that much, mostly because we were all over indulging. I guess I should add that I am not the only over weight person in my family. I grew up with my mom, younger brother, and sister. My brother is a little chunky but thats about it. My mom struggled with her weight for as long as I can remember ( though she wasn’t big until after she had a couple kids, she was just above average). Last year, she got a lap-band. She has dropped lots of weight, and is at 200lbs now I think. My sister was about 260lbs when she decided to lose weight. Unlike me, she stuck to it and has kept the weight off. Go Erin! I have been on many diets, lost lots of weight, and always gotten fatter. Once in college I lost 90 lbs in 4 months for a radio version of “The Biggest Loser”. I got my doctor to prescribe me Phentermine. It was awesome, and I abused it. I at 300 calories or less a day, and exercised like someone I have never been. I won the 1000$ prize…and then I gained all the weight back. That was about two years ago. I have not seriously tried another weight loss regimen since then. Until now. I joined weight watchers on May 28, 2010 and had my first day of it on the 29th. The first week I lost 8lbs (woo hoo) I started at 258, and last weigh in I was 250. I made it a goal of mine not to weigh myself at home, because I know I will get obsessed as I have in the past. I am making good food choices, all whole grains, fruits and veggies. My points are set at 32, but i have been 5-11 points under everyday so far except for two days I came closer to my points. I hope this doesn’t hinder my weight loss…I don’t go to bed hungry. I am never starving during the day. On another note, I have a five month old puppy. I want so badly to take her for runs, and be one of those people who posts on Facebook “Had a great run today, 5 miles blah blah blah”. I know I can be that person…but it is going to take some time. My goal is to post to this blog at least once a day from now until August 18th…I am hoping that when the excitement of starting a new program fades, it will keep me motivated and accountable. I will try to post a recent picture tomorrow, for now this is Luna. Have a great afternoon.

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