It’s the weekend!! WOO!!

April 14th, 2012

Happy weekend everybody!!

Started my Saturday with a good lie-in. I got up, had half a pint of water to wake up some more and got cracking on my morning workout. Got to 15mins and had to quit again. BAH! It’s starting to annoy me how I’m not really progressing with it… but… IT’S NOT EVEN BEEN A WEEK!!! Stupid, stupid brain!! Stop trying to make me feel bad about myself again!! I’m doing this for ME!! I need to change, I want to change, but I’m my own worst enemy!!

Anyway, after breakfast (apple, 1 slice of toast and a coffee) I chilled for a little, then, cleaned the living room from head to toe!! Well almost. I have the cabinet to do tomorrow but that won’t take half as long! I hope lol. Lunch was a nice pasta salad, with onion and a little tomato sauce, and dinner tonight? I have no idea yet lol

But one thing is for sure. I AM NOT GIVING UP!! I’ll walk the dog again tonight, then have a bath and an early night I think.

As for tomorrow, well sunday is supposed to be my rest day, but I’m still going to do my morning workout and dog walk, just because if I take a day off, I know I’ll struggle to get back on it.

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