Today = Half of my Goal Reached!!

15 Jul 2009 In: Yoga


Today will be Day 10 ! and I will have officially reached halfway to my goal. I am not going to lie, I have been so unmotivated the past few times I went and have been kind of negative about it and feeling like it has been a drag sometimes. But today I found my new motivation, I am going to my close cousin’s wedding in November, and she just informed that is 16 weeks away!!!! I had NO idea it was so close, 16 weeks sounds so near ! Its OVER, I am SO reaching my 20 times this month, even though I have used up all my free passes, since I am going to Vegas in August and going home twice, I may not be able to do another 20, but we will see and I will make a new goal once this is over.

Good thing is I have been finding myself to be less dizzy and more able to stay awake and attentive and attempt every posture more times than I had expected. I am finding myself struggling less to get into a posture because my body is slowly molding itself to understand where I am trying to take it. Day by day it hurts a little less and feels a little less un-pleasurable, or maybe I am just learning patience and to control my thoughts that often cause things to “seem” un-pleasurable.. hmm….

PS. 20 days till Vegas!!

July Goal- 20 times

1 Jul 2009 In: Yoga

Hello again!

Here I go… My goal for July is to attend Bikram Yoga 20 times!!! They say the recommended amount to get any sort of benefits is to go 10 times in a month, which I have accomplished a couple times. I have even went up to 15 before, but I have never hit 20, I am hitting double the recommendation! This will be the true journey. Today is July 1st, and my first class for the month will be today. I am excited and I know I can do this! Go me !!

My motivations for the month:

1) Vegas in the first week of August

2) Help my concentration and focus for work and reading

3) Tighter Arms!

4) No more facials =)

Bikram Yoga = No more facials

24 Jun 2009 In: Yoga

So Yes I had a goal of 5 days last week… but I found myself not able to go Friday because I was getting too overwhelmed with many errands to do before 7:30, which one of them included getting my eyebrows done for the weekend. And I weighed my options many times, and decided I would rather go get my eyebrows done and feel good about myself and feel pretty when I look in the mirror, than not. Especially because this past weekend was going to be a huge picture weekend since it was my best friend’s bday. Although I had some guilt about not hitting the five mark… I tried making myself feel good about hitting the 4 mark… I mean JEEZ.. i went to a hot 90 minute yoga class 4 times in a row last week!! That is kind of intense.

Speaking of feeling pretty in the mirror with my eyebrows done, I noticed another reason to feel pretty. My face seemed kind of brighter.. perhaps a glow maybe? YES- Is my bikram yoga glow starting to form?!?! I think so!! I totally have a blackhead problem, ESP on my nose I don’t think those pore face washes really help.. but facials have always seemed to help me but of course those can be mucho dinero if you want to go every month. But Guess What?! I can say GOOD BYE to blackheads/face washes that dont work/and costly facials, because Bikram Yoga is making my skin beautiful. I barely saw as many blackheads in my face as i looked close up, and my face def looked cleaner and brighter. And mind you, this was from a measly 4 days!! I just really started classes up again last week.

So yes I did not go to yoga 5 times last week, but I do feel prettier with my eyebrows done and my face looking cleaner from those Bikram Yoga Facials =)…. All the more motivation to go and sweat in class. I <3 Bikram Yoga!!

4 Down, Today will be number 5 =)

19 Jun 2009 In: Yoga

I am almost there!! So Monday was a so-so class, Tuesday was a little better, and Wednesday’s class was absolutely amazing!! But yesterday was again a so-so class, but not because I was getting dizzy (which is often the case) but because I was so impatient. Every little thing was getting to me, the sweat dripping down my face or getting in my eye, or down my leg and giving me an itch. I didn’t have patience to keep and hold the posture, I just wanted to move quick. The teachers always say in class, everyday your body is different and no matter how long you have been practicing, you will probably never have a consistent class. And they say to use this exercise to maybe see what is bothering you or what is making your body feel like this. It is usually connected to something going on in your mind. So I took the time to reflect as I was lying on my mat and sitting out some postures to see why I was so impatient and getting irritated so fast. And I started thinking about something at work that was bothering me as I started zoning out, and then I realized, that must be it ! I was annoyed earlier at someone’s comments and it was still bothering me and that is why I was feeling so antsy and uneasy. It is amazing how you can use the yoga to find things bothering you and then use the practice as an outlet to let that out of your body and leave it in the room, as you walk out. And I got back into my postures and pushed it out of my mind and body, and I ended my class strong =). I was very proud of myself!!

And then I went to the bar and got a little twisted…. haha probably not the BEST idea!! But I been working hard and I been feeling like an oldie since I haven’t been going out as much lately. And I am young and need to enjoy life! and of course socialize =).. and that is exactly what I did ! Although when I woke up this morning I felt a little crappy, but I need to drink the double the water to be able to survive in class today to make up for the drinking last night. Dehydration is the last thing I need in Bikram Yoga class!! Then I will be taking a break this weekend since its my best friends birthday and I will be at his house all weekend which is away from my studio. Will be back to class on Monday. Thanks for all your support, Day 5 here I come !

Going Strong this week!

15 Jun 2009 In: Yoga

It is a beautiful Monday morning, and this week my dance class got canceled for today so I am using it as an opportunity to add in an extra day of yoga =). This week I am aiming to go 5 days in a row Monday-Friday, this should be an amazing experience. I know when I go many days in a row I feel amazing. Now that I have officially posted that I am doing this, I cannot fall behind! I am so excited to see what this week will bring me! Love you all!!

Hello world!

11 Jun 2009 In: Yoga

So I tried Bikram Yoga about 5 years ago in September 2005. Although I have not been consistent throughout the years, there have been times I have been able to go 2-3 months in a row. I wanted to start tracking my progress and how I feel so I can refer back to it in the future for motivation. Maybe it will inspire you too! Although I know yoga has amazing benefits, there are many times I find myself being “lazy” or “too tired” to go. But once I can remind myself of how I felt in the past from going, maybe it will override those excuses!

First and foremost, I wanted to revisit how practicing Bikram Yoga helped me in my academic studies. I remember this one time Junior year in college while taking a Biology test, I realized I had not studied the section the question was asking me about. Since Yoga improved my concentration and focus, lately I had been able to absorb pretty much 99.9% of the material the teacher spoke about in class. To my surprise, during the test, I was able to RE-wind in my head back to the exact lecture and skim through the lecture in my head until she talked about the topic in the question in my test, and was able to find the answer. It was almost as if I had a videotape in my head I could forward, rewind, and pause?! Like WTF! I felt like a superhuman! And that is exactly what Bikram Yoga does! Bring the superhuman out of us that we have long lost touch with in our man-made/superficial society! Lets get back in touch with our real capabilities!! =)

For the first time I bought a one year Bikram Yoga Pass.. Today is Day 2 of this week and Day 4 of this month…

and the journey begins now…

See you after class !