Ok, now that I am caught up with my past few stories, here I am to talk about the most recent experiences. So I had started to become a little discouraged because since I have been dong this challenge everyone has been asking me questions about how I feel, what changes are in my body, how much weight have I lost, etc etc… And unfortunately I had no answers to these questions which made me sad because I have been boasting about Bikram Yoga so much only to say that after 52 days I don’t really feel a difference and the scale hasn’t moved a bit. How was I going to convince people that Bikram Yoga is life changing if I had nothing to prove from my own practice? In fact I have been feeling super exhausted after classes in the evening and I just want to come home and pass out. I don’t feel that boost of energy I used to feel when I would only go 4-5 times a week. I was wondering why I almost felt like I felt the benefits more when I was going fewer times a week, as opposed to everyday. How did this make any sense? I decided it was time to talk to the teachers at my studio.

One teacher I spoke to said that when you are doing an intense challenge like this you really need to take care of yourself. This includes: the amount of water I drink, electrolytes that I should be taking (esp since I have been doing some double classes to make up others), “when” and “what” I eat. That night I had completed a double class and he asked me how much water I drank that day and I said about 3 Liters, and he said see, exactly, that is how much you are supposed to consume for just ONE class, and you took TWO today. So I guess I was supposed to have consumed at least 6L that day, jeez… I also told him I thought electrolytes was like an enhancer and I wanted to do it naturally without any help, so the last 2 doubles I did, I did without any extra electrolytes, I just had water. He said that’s not such a good idea, your body needs electrolytes, and he said you burn so much calories in class and to make sure I am getting some carbs in the day. He also said to be more aware of not eating at least 3 hours before class and eating better and healthier foods. So I decided this month (since I already decided I won’t be drinking all of March) that I was going to drink a lot more water, be careful about eating 3 hours before class, and try to make better food choices as well.

I asked one more teacher the next day about how I have been feeling pretty shitty and didn’t really feel many changes in my body. She told me that this is SO natural, she said that your body is changing so rapidly inside that it cannot physically keep up with all the changes. She said in fact you won’t really see much change until AFTER the 90 day challenge when you go back to 4-5 times a week because your body will be able to catch up then when you aren’t doing it intensely. She said it was very very normal to feel like complete crap, to hate the yoga, to hate everything, and she promised everything I am doing will pay off and that everything I am feeling is what I am supposed to feel. She even said most people think going into teacher training that they will have this amazing practice because they will be going everyday, twice a day. But she said honestly its the same thing, you feel like crap! And its not until after it ends that you start getting in some real form and your body catches up. So this made me feel MUCH MUCH better. I was feeling so discouraged when all my friends keep asking me how much weight I have lost, or what changes in my body I have seen. But now I know that everytime I walk into that class, my body is working internally. I do feel the muscle I am building in everyday activities, and I also have noticed I haven’t been falling asleep at work everyday anymore (hehe). SO I guess that can’t be a bad thing right?

Today is a double day- and in fact there is a potluck at my studio tonight so I am kind of excited to hang out with my fellow yogis that I see everyday and maybe make some friends!!