So I didn’t make it to class on Sunday, nor did I make it yesterday. So yesterday when I didn’t go I told myself I must do a double class today to make up for yesterday since I already planned a double up for the weekend since I didn’t go last Sunday. But YEAH – a double 90 minute class in a 110 degree room? Doesn’t sound too thrilling, if anything I was scared. But I made myself do it because I am committed to this 90 day challenge. And guess what? It really wasn’t so bad. If anything the thought is more intimidating than the actual classes. The begining of my second class was a little rough and I think half the reason was because my mind kept saying ‘ I can’t believe you are doing another class, you just finished one! Isn’t it time to go home already?!” But as soon as I forgot this was my 2nd class today, I was flying through the postures, and in fact doing more than I did in the first class (which I thought was super weird). But then I figured probably because my muscles are more open since I just finished a 90 minute class and perhaps the energy I gained from my last class I was carrying over to my current class. But anyhoo, no more scardy-catness for double ups. If anything I just need to make sure I prepare well. No alcohol! and need to drink at least 3 liters of water that day! Yay to double ups! If I can do 3 hours of hot yoga, I think I can accomplish anything in this world! No stopping me now!