Hello All,

I am back and ready than ever to go on a journey I never thought I would start so soon, but I am glad I decided to. Bikram always says ‘come for 90 days in a row and I will give you a new mind, new body, and new soul.” I’ve always wondered what he meant, and what that could mean for me but never was ready to make the commitment. 90 days? I mean that is like missing happy hours, driving an hour when I visit my family in NJ to find a studio, and skipping dance classes for 3 months? Not to mention I’ll have to find a Bikram yoga studio when I am in LA and San Diego in February to continue my challenge. But that is OK, because now I am committed. Lets do this!!

So last night was my first night of my challenge and at our studio they have a big 90 day challenge chart with our names and we put a little smiley sticker every-time we come. So I got to put my first sticker up! In terms of my class, it was definitely super hot compared to normal and it was ridiculously crowded. I think everyone is following up on their new year’s resolutions to be healthier! So my class was pretty good for a first class, I wasn’t able to do all the postures but I did as many as I could. It is amazing how much my muscles have tightened up since mid December, last time I came to class I was decently flexible. But last night I was having trouble doing some things I was able to do easily last month. But no worries, I have time to work through my muscle tightness. I have 89 more days =). So here we go.. I am back to another challenge and I will update to discuss my progress and how my classes are!