Many times we find ourselves thinking in loops, and it is exhausting. Do you ever feel that way? I sure do. Btw, I totally accomplished my 20 days of yoga challenge in July. But the other part was I have not gone back since then, until this week. And this time I came back with no goals, nothing to strive towards, and I did not even plan on going. I just decided to get up and go on Tuesday evening when I had no plans. Amazing how when you do not think too much about things you surpass your potential. These last four classes this week that I went to, I went to effortlessly. I did not put much thought into it, did not expect too much of myself, I just went, and I did yoga, Period. I think I did better in these four classes than I have in all of those 20 classes in July. Amazing isn’t it ? Sometimes Less is More. And I totally feel that way, and I really want to do that more. To just go through life casually, oh how easy things would be. No expectations, no pre thoughts or after thoughts. Just doing, and enjoying every minute of it. I guess its kind of like living in the present. I think I almost even feel better after these four classes than I in all of those 20. I still find that so amazing. The mind has so much control over what we can accomplish. So try that one day. Just sit there and stop thinking, and just do. See how much you can accomplish when your mind is clear and not clogged with all the “ifs” and “shoulds” and “coulds” and “maybes” and “I cant do it.” Just get up and go! No thoughts =). Just breathe!