Looking for some motivation to attempt every posture in the class around classes 11 through 15 or so, I found some this weekend from my teacher. He said you are coming here to suffer, so you do not suffer outside of this room, “We sell pain,” is what he said. You are not coming here to class for a vacation but to work hard, so you have to work less hard outside of the room. He told me after class that the more you come to yoga, the more you will do better in all your other activities in life. If you are a runner, yoga will help you become a better runner, if you are a CIO or executive, yoga will help you become a better CIO or executive, if you are not sleeping well, yoga will help you sleep better. Yoga will help you do better in school, help you deal with life situations better.

Ultimately the punch line of the class that got me going was, “You can suffer for 90 days, or you can suffer for 90 years, it’s your choice.” And seconds after I heard that, I shot up into a sit up posture and completed the rest of the class attempting every posture. I was like, “oh NO, I will NOT be THAT person, suffering for 90 years!!!” It was AWESOME, and after that I forced myself to go Sunday also and Sunday I had the best class I think I have had in all 17 of my classes this month of July. It was absolutely AMAZING, and I walked out of that class on a cloud, and feeling absolutely liberated from all the stressors in life. I went home and was very productive with some stuff for work and some personal catch up things I been meaning to do. I think I am finally seeing some serious benefits from all this hard work I been putting into going and attempting the postures. It is all worth it, when you feel amazing and happy and on top of the world !!! I will be hitting my GOAL this Thursday =). (20 class in the month of July)