March 5th, 2013

I’m a recent college graduate who has always been a bit heavy. When I was younger, I typically weighed in at 135 to 140 – the upper end of the BMI scale. I was a tomboy and very active so this was okay, I was strong.

By 18, my weight had increased to 160. I was spending almost all of my time at home as a cyber student who had been bullied out of the public school system. I caught myself just in time and dropped back down to 130 by my first semester of college at age 19.

Then I met a boy and fell in love. Long story short, he broke my heart after four years of dating. I piled on the weight and my grades dropped. By September of 2011, I weighed 181 pounds. It wasn’t even a rebound from my initial weight loss. It was Depression, Anxiety, loneliness, and a miserable relationship that caused the weight gain.

I’ve been on a journey to better myself since then. I’ve lost 45+ pounds, decreased my mile time, increased my stamina, and have even begun to dress rather nicely. I’ve become more social – a lot more social – and have taken stabs at furthering my career since graduation. I’m working full time but I have bigger plans than just that! 🙂

I still struggle from time to time. I become upset and frustrated. Lonely. I question why I’ve put so much work into myself only to fall short of my goals. So this blog will be where I celebrate my triumphs, discuss the mundane, and vent when I’m feeling down.

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