on gaining

Gains and plateaus, for whatever reason, are part of our path - and we have to accept that - because we are in it for the long haul. What we did in the past was get angry at ourselves, get discouraged, feel like failures or why bother and maybe even give up. That led us to where we are today - heavy and miserable with being heavy.

Is that really the type of person we are now committed to being? Are we people who think healthy is only worth it if we get instant gratification from the scale too? Does every breath, that we can now take more easily matter? What about every step that we take, that is one more step than yesterday, is that important?

If the numbers on the scale are the only thing that can grant us happiness and peace - we should take some white out to the little window and then pencil in the numbers we want to see, because everyone deserves to be happy.

If getting fit and healthy is what we want then this is a challenge and an opportunity! If we know what we are doing is good for us then we need to “stick to our guns” - because this is our body’s way of saying that what we are doing is great and it’s ready for the next step! More veggies, more exercise, more hydration!

Shake off the sad! We need to love ourselves today, not just the future, perfect us! We have lumps and bumps and gains and sads and that is OK because WE WILL NOT STOP!

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