since I managed it yesterday……..

since I managed it yesterday…….. I am feeling a bit more motivated today.  Things aren’t perfect - the job front isn’t going the way I would like, but that isn’t within my control so I just have to accept it.

plan for the day, do my exercises, work on the huge pile of housework, have a kickass southwest salad for lunch - not my usual vegan lunch - but I made to big a salad last night and it is way to yummy to go to waste.  Let’s hope having a mayo based dressing for a couple meals in a row won’t cause a gain, cuz I just joined a weekly charting thread on 3FC

on other news, my throat is a bit scratchy, can’t say I’m thrilled about that, don’t need a cold and that’s for sure. Oh well, off to finish packing up the kid for school.

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