half hearted, but I did today

Not where I want to be yet, but I did walk most of a mile and did a half hour of chair exercises and some light yoga stretching.

I did eat mostly salad today, and stuck to the IF timing - but my dinner salad was a heavy one, with a (southwest) ranch dressing, which was made with mayo and yogurt - so I have no idea of the calories - I just ate a big salad and a taco.  It was really good though, I can see making it again, just next time, i will keep the dressing on the side, I over did it with this one.

so just need to keep going.

I admit to being worried/ out of faith. My 3 day weekend binge resulted in a 1.5-2lb gain, and while not at an official weight in time, it still makes me worry that the losses will stop.  I guess we will have to see.

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