Not the best week, but I’m working on it


…….. so tonight I ate a big giant turkey sandwich.  It was super delicious.  It was pretty much everything I am trying to move away from, BREAD (which hurts my tummy) meat, 2 kinds of cheese (oh smoked gouda I love you) and greasy bbq chips.  I know I am gonna be miserably poopy tomorrow - but sometimes it be’s like that (to quote my hubby)

I am emotionally over eating because of a possible lead on work tomorrow.  It’s just an informational meeting - but it could lead to work and I am really anxious and shut down.

The funny thing is - as binges go, this one wasn’t so bad.  I mean a 8 inch long turkey sub baked chips and a small dark chocolate bar?  when I had a salad for lunch?  I feel satisfied - just trying to work towards change and sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back.

Got a scale today, and sad face - it said the same number as a week ago at the drs office - no change.  But keeping a food journal, like I just started is giving me some insight into why.  It may also be why my face is so darn greasy too.  It feels horrible. yuck!

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