given up on no sugar for now

Doing a week on no sugar (including fruits, starchy veg and grains) was too much for me.  It was just to big a change right now.  I just had a root canal, I am in pain.  I am really stressed about finding a job, family problem stress, and finals week - it was just to much for me at once.

Not that it wasn’t worth the effort.  I realized how much I do enjoy fruit.  And how much I need to expand the variety in the fruit I eat.  And I managed to reduce sugar in the areas that don’t matter much to me - like in my tea, I adjusted to the change pretty quickly.

So……. I put cutting out most sugar on the back burner.  I still have some emotional eating issues to come to terms with, and my stress level is to high.   I will continue with the small changes I have made, and re-examine this issue at a later time.

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