feel better for the rest, anxiety sucks

Last night I took some tylenol PM around 9 so this darn anxiety wouldnt keep me most of the night again.  I think a full night sleep has been a real help as my attitude is much better today.  (although there is still the ghost of a headache, what’s that about?)

still have part of the box of granola bars around the house, had one this morning with my veggies.  Not the no sugar I was going for - but it is still better.  I need to remind myself this is only for a week - to retrain my taste buds, to help educate me on the amount of sneaky sugar in what I am eating, to explore some new tastes and to help change my gut flora

The very high level of anxiety I am feeling these days is difficult.  I am seeing a therapist, but while that is helping me untangle myself to start addressing my problems, it isn’t reducing the constant anxiety.  I don’t really have any stress busters except for eating right now so that is causing issues.  My blood pressure is up high, for the first time in decades. sigh.

I am trying to remember to be pleased with small and slow improvements, but it’s hard

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