My blood tests came back suprisingly good! You can change!

I have been “pre-diabetic” for the last 10 years - so I try to get my blood sugar levels tested regularly. But this year, I have been avoiding having the test done because I was sure my blood sugar had gotten worse.

I HAVE been improving how I eat - but lately, I have been having headaches when I eat something sugary and my eyesight has gotten noticeably worse - so I was afraid this was it - the year the Dr was gonna say “Diabetes.”

SURPRISE! My blood sugar has actually improved!  I am still “pre-diabetic,” but it is less than it has been the last couple tests.  My fasting glucose was 110 - still outside of normal, but better - (they want less than 100, and diabetic is considered 140 or more).  My A1c was 5.8 - just a bit over the <5.7 they wanted.

Now, it has been less than a month since I really cut back on sugar, and I have had a couple bad/cheating days - but even so, it has improved.  I feel it is a very promising sign.

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