feel better for the rest, anxiety sucks

Last night I took some tylenol PM around 9 so this darn anxiety wouldnt keep me most of the night again.  I think a full night sleep has been a real help as my attitude is much better today.  (although there is still the ghost of a headache, what’s that about?)
still have part of the [...]

broke down, had to have a granola bar

Ok, so it’s only tuesday night and I broke down and had a couple oat and dark chocolate granola bars - my headache went away.  I am gonna try to cut this off here, and pick up tomorrow.  Even if I didnt make it the whole week without sugar, i still have learned a lot.

sugar withdrawl: headache, body ache, cranky

Ok, I admit it, I am CRANKY!
I didn’t expect the sugar withdrawal to be this bad because I have been cutting back in stages, but #$%^ I am tired and hungry and cranky and i have a blasted headache! GRRRRRRRRRRR
I  am glad this is only a week.  Finals are going to be hard and the [...]

I don’t like exercising!

Everyday I run smack dab into people who talk about how much exercising has brought into their lives.  How good it makes them feel, How relaxing or releasing it is….
Not for me…. I hate it!  It hurts.  It is no fun!  I don’t enjoy it.  My muscles hurt, I am tired but can’t sleep…… Grrr [...]

I am awake (insomnia)

I may have less on my physical plate lately - but more on my mental one, and it is keeping me awake.
I have never had trouble sleeping before.  I was a world class, Olympic gold medal sleeper.  I could sleep anywhere, anyway, and most of the day if I got the chance - but not [...]

My blood tests came back suprisingly good! You can change!

I have been “pre-diabetic” for the last 10 years - so I try to get my blood sugar levels tested regularly. But this year, I have been avoiding having the test done because I was sure my blood sugar had gotten worse.
I HAVE been improving how I eat - but lately, I have been having [...]

starting walking, feels like an uphill climb

Last year at this time, we found ourselves temporarily car-less. At first, I could barely do anything - but by the end of the third month, I was regularly walking 2+ miles a day.  Now a year later, I walked a mile and I feel exhausted - I really want a nap.  I had no [...]

just not happy

……… so I’m just not happy. Not happy with my hair, my skin problems, my double chin, my weight, my joblessness, the state of my house, my eating habits, my attitude…….. sigh.
I guess there is nowhere but up from here.  No more putting it off, just starting again.
Positive things I did today:
I got out of [...]