19 Jan, 2012


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I decided to move one of my 5 pound weight near my computer.
so when im not typing and reading, I can do some reps.. LOL

Work has been so stressful. life has been so stressful.
I didnt even want to eat last night, I ended up having 1/2 bowl of kraut and ham
and a piece of whole wheat bread and
a big brownie.. ( pre packaged 150 calories.) so i still made out pretty good.
usually im starving when i get home.

considering i only eat 6 peanutbutter crackers and a slim fast, or yogurt forlunch
and usually no breakfast..

at this point we still dont have heath insurance, long story 2011 we pretty much lost everything.
anyways.. so rightnow.. we are crawling out of the pit of debt. and its not easy i will tell you that, 1 wrong move and you slip again.

Well speaking of that, I have to get ready for work..
I have to do 1 mile tonight. lol.
breath, breath, breath.

18 Jan, 2012

in a loop

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Argh. I have to keep my food in control on the weekends..

and its not so much how much i eat its what i eat.. I tend to eat too many carb foods. and bloat up

and then by Wed im back down to normal.. just to bloat up again a couple days later = no weight loss.

NO gain.. but no loss.

My husband is going away for business this weekend. going to avoid the pasta, pizza, bread and focus water, water ,water!

Work has been stresful.. I have ADD and some days its so hard t focus. but i give it my all.

I usually end up crying a couple days a week on my ride home, which equals stress..

But in the end, I wake up the next day ready to try again!!!

Thurs, Friday , SAt , Sun are my big work out days. some tues I get in a 1/2 mile but monday and wed im off just too much stress from the work day..

OK .. Im done stressing. .I have to get dressed and off to work..

I packed for lunch. 1 slim fast, and 6 peanut butter crackers for energy..

I am not hungry at all at work. i know i should eat better. but I would prob vomit from my nerves..

ok im off.

15 Jan, 2012

2 mile day

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Well I did 1 mile walking on the treadmill and 1 mile walking outisde.

2 miles for today!! I have this stupid back spasm , I cant stretch out… guess I will work on it!!

I have to get back to jogging… just not today with the back issue!