Been a long time, you know what that means!

It’s so frustrating when I do this but i guess I can say I’m here again so that’s what matters.  *sigh*  I have a party to go to April 7th and I was hoping to lost 20 lbs before that but looks like I better aim more towards 10 now.  I figure the first week will be all water weight and will be higher then normal.  I don’t know why I can’t stay motivated.  I need to find something that helps me stay motivated…just haven’t figured out what that is yet!  How do you all stay motivated!?  Let me know!  Thanks for reading! 

My first two days

They went by pretty well!  The second day I was at my nieces house so I did have a later dinner.  Have to make sure I PLAN when I am out and about.  I purchased some heather options at the store like fish and fruit and veggies (not from the can).  My problem is getting my 7 yr old to TRY new things and not just decide he doesn’t like something.  I’m not gonna lie, I have been struggling even tho I JUST started.  I find that the older I get the more difficult it is to stay on a plan.  I DO intend to keep going at this  tho, it hasn’t been perfect but it’s been better then normal days.  As long as I can say that, it’s a good day!  Thanks for the comments!  I really do live for comments and I want to do better so I don’t disappoint my readers 😀  So THANK you again!

Day One

Decided this was a good day to start. Just wanted to share some changed that I wanted to start with this first week. There are SO many things I NEED to change but I refuse to go into this like I did every other time and change everything at once…it’s a good way to set myself up with failure. So what I intend to do is change a little each week. This is what I’m starting with:

1. Drink more water each day and less soda.

2. Not eating after dinner EXCEPT for one heathy snack. And that must be before 8pm NO eating after 8pm.

These two changes are huge for me alone. I usually drink upwards of 4-5 can’s of soda a day so if I go down to one or two cans a day and add water the rest of the day this would be a huge deal for me. Gotta start somewhere! My next weeks goal is to only have one soda a day and make one of my meals a healthy one!

Pre Day Post

I had a heck of a time getting into my blog for one. It kept saying that my user name was invalid. Using firefox…switched to IE (which I HATE using) it works 🙁 I may not be staying if I have to continue using IE so will ask my computer engineer of a husband what I can do to get that fixed. Hope thee is SOMETHING that can be done.

So anyway, pre day and feeling just blah and sick of being so tired etc.. from all this extra weight. Thought it was about time I do something. So I figured its coming up on a new month…what a great time to “start” this thing. Right now, it’s late but wanted to get a blog out there and ready and waiting for me. But off to bed for now! I will be reading some blogs tomorrow also in hopes to find great inspiration from others! 😀

Happy Losing everyone!