It’s working!

But it is working really slowly.

Weight watchers has helped me to break my 215lb plateau and I am slowly creeping towards 199lbs.  I’m not going to meet my goal of reaching Onederland before my Disney vacation (in 1 week! Eep!), but I came pretty darn close and I am proud of myself.  I’m hoping to not have a gain on the scale after this weekend because we are eating out for almost every meal, but I plan to order on plan and drink plenty of water.

I have learned that, unless I am doing a really restrictive plan, I lose weight slowly.  Other people start WW and drop 25 lbs in 3 months.  Whereas I have lost 11.5lbs in 10 weeks.  Maybe I will hit 15 lbs lost at my 3 month mark, but I am ok with the slow weight loss.

I have also learned that my body feels better when eat a more filling breakfast.  Normally I have a fruit smoothie with my coveted green foods powder (3PP).  I am usually feeling pretty hungry by 9am after having my smoothie at 7am. Yesterday, I was ‘starving’ in morning because I had skipped breakfast as I was running late. I grabbed a WW friendly breakfast sandwich from my office cafe (Egg beaters and turkey on whole wheat toast, 5PP) and I felt so full and content for the rest of the day.  I was happy with a half salad for lunch and I didn’t crave a snack in the afternoon.  I was hungry by dinner, but that is normal.  It felt so strange to not spend my entire day waiting until I could eat my allotted snacks and meals.  I also wasn’t busy at work and that is usually when my urges to snack are the highest.  I’m going to take this knowledge and plan to bring a filling and healthy breakfast with me to work more often.  As a side note, I had my normal breakfast smoothie this morning, I ate a 90 cal fiber one bar at 9am and I am already super hungry and it isn’t even noon yet.

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