Hello Weight Watchers

I am determined not to turn this into an undated once a year type blog! 

I have stayed around 215 lbs for almost a year.  I was doing a relaxed form of calorie counting which consisted of counting for some days and not counting for others.  And as any serious Calorie Counter will say, you have to account for everything that goes into your mouth, every day!  A few people at my workplace have had great success on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan and I have decided to give it a try. 

Honestly, I really like it so far.  I am eating more fruits and veggies then I did while calorie counting and I want to do some sort of exercise everyday in order to earn that extra activity point. It is appealing to my completionist side.  I feel a drive to drink all of my water, eat all of my fruits/veggies, and get in some exercise each day in order to earn my daily achievement ribbon.  A friend of mine compared tracking with Weight Watchers like tracking stats on a D&D character sheet.  Being the giant nerd that I am, this made me feel all bubbly inside~

I lost 3.5lbs my first week and a half.  I’m hoping to have some sort of loss for this week, but I am eating out 2 days before my weigh in, so I ‘m not sure if my sodium intake will cause water retention and contribute to a small gain or maintain.  It’s ok though, as long as the scale is gradually moving in the downward direction, I am happy!

P.S. 15lbs until Onederland.  I haven’t seen a 1 in front of my weight in 7 years.  When I was serious about working out in college, my lowest weight was 187.  It scary to think that I gained 58 lbs over the course of 7 years.  Hopefully it wont take me 7 years to lose those 58 pounds…

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