Calorie Counting

I started calorie counting on 4/10/10.  I have been following a whole foods lifestyle for a little over a year and while the scale wasn’t creeping back up dramatically, it wasn’t creeping down either.  So after having a conversation with my doctor, I decided that I needed to seriously start monitoring my food intake and accounting for almost everything that I put into my mouth.  I’m using the Livestrong Daily Plate tool.  I find it very convient to be able to access my account from any computer.  Plus I love being able to save my favorite meals and use them later for a quicker way to count my daily calories.  According to the Daily Plate calculator, I should be eating around 1600 calories a day to lose 2 lbs a week.  I have already dropped about 15 lbs since I started counting my calories.  It feel good seeing the scale finally budge after being plateaued for so long.

Now for the downside of counting….I being hyper aware of everything I am putting into my mouth.  I still really want to follow my whole foods lifestyle, but I am finding myself less willing to eat higher calories item like nuts and good oils.  I realize that fats are essential for your body, but when I start placing a value on every calorie I eat, I start eating less of the things I should be eating.  My goal over the next month is to start ‘forcing’ myself to incorporate the good fats back into my diet.  If I start accounting for a serving of almonds 3x a week, then I will have to eat them.  The key is remember that quality is better than quantity.  Just because I can eat a huge bag of popcorn for the same caloric value as 2 oz of raw almonds, doesn’t mean that I should always choose the popcorn.

I guess that it is a lesson that every calorie counter has to learn at first.  Now I need to comb back through my superfoods book and combine that with my calorie counting efforts.

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