So many months lost…

I guess that it happens to the best of us… We start off full of vigor and we eventually fall back into our old lives and forget about our previous resolutions.  However, I cannot let that happen this time.  It has been almost one full year since I started my weight loss journey and although my initial steps were fueled by fears about my health, the changes that I made to my diet have become real life changes for me.

So, although I don’t have time to provide a full update before I go to bed, I do have a small victory to share. Around May of last year I stopped exercising on a regular basis.  I would still occasionally take walks or sporadically visit the gym, but I was pretty sedentary for the most part.  Most of this was because of my personal laziness, but a small part was because I found a new job and I now had a reason to get out of the house during the day.  This made me happy, but I was starting to feel pretty depressed when I stopped seeing the scale go down on a weekly basis.

This past weekend I decided to pick back up on my WiiFit because I wanted to start exercising and WiiFit provides excellent low impact cardio and strength training for beginners.  I haven’t stepped onto the WiiFit scale in many months and I am happy to report that I only gained back 3 lbs since last May!!  I am estatic about this because it shows that my dietary changes are working and that I didn’t yoyo back up to 240 again!

So, from Feb-May of last year I lost 25 lbs and I managed to keep 22 of those lbs off of my body for almost an entire year!  My goal now is to start over again in Feb and lost another 25 lbs over the course of this year.  That would put me right at 200lbs and so freaking close to Onederland that I can taste it!

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