A small victory.

Today I went to a family function. *insert dramatic music here*

In my family, functions almost always mean food…and lots of food. This worried me because I have been doing really well in the comfort zone of my house and favorite restaurants. I’ve stayed on track by eating whole grains, plenty of fruits and veggies, lean proteins, more fish, and drinking over 64 ounces of water each day. I’ve also controlled my intake of butter and oils by using olive oil in place of butter when sautéing and being knowledgeable about what oils and sauces are used to cook my food when I eat out. So, I’ve stayed in control of what goes in my mouth.

However, today I knew that I would be presented with food options that probably were not the best for me or my new food philosophy. And boy was I right.

When we left the house, Josh stopped at our favorite local coffee house to pick up a coffee for the road. I stuck to my guns and ordered a small iced chai made with soy milk and no whip. This is a treat for me since I’ve been limiting my caffeine and drinking water in the morning with breakfast, instead of coffee. So I enjoyed my soy iced chai for breakfast and had an apple with it for an added serving of fruit.

When we arrived at the function, everyone was having lunch of sandwiches and chips. I avoided the bbq shredded chicken on the stove and had a banana sandwich with peanut butter and a small handful of chips. I drank water instead of soda. So that makes another serving of fruit, protein from the peanut butter, and some whole grains from the bread. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point!

But my resolve almost wavered a few hours later when I noticed the glazed doughnuts on the table. At my house I have plenty of low fat/organic/healthier options for those random sweet cravings. And I haven’t had a doughnut in my house in ages! In fact, I hadn’t even thought about them, but here they were staring me in the face and practically saying “eat me”. I think the real problem started when I told myself that I couldn’t have one because they were full of nothing but empty calories. **I should also note here that I have been making myself have a healthy snack between 3 and 4 in the afternoon to avoid the late afternoon crash and curb potential binges** However, once I made the doughnuts a forbidden food, my mind could not focus on anything else. I could tell that this was leading into a dangerous zone of me having an irrational craving for glazed doughnuts, so I told myself that I could have one and that was it. I pulled one out of the box and at that moment decided to have 1/2 of it and eat it slowly and actually savor it. And that is what I did. I started to eat and and it didn’t taste all that good anymore. I finished my half of a doughnut, gave my fiancee the other half so I wouldn’t eat it, and went outside away from the food. And I just forgot about it. Now that I think about it, the doughnut didn’t taste nearly as good as I remember them tasting and I am happy for that. I sure that if I ate a fast food hamburger that it wouldn’t taste good to me anymore either. Small victories are awesome!

Also, I controlled myself at dinner. I filled half of my plate with a mixed greens salad and steamed broccoli. I ate half of a baked potato instead of a whole one, a serving sized potion of grilled steak, and 4 shrimp. And I was stuffed.

So I managed to keep to my way of eating despite being out of my comfort zone. I’m sure that it wont happen at every family function, but if I can manage to keep my potions under control then it wont spell disaster for me.

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  1. Great job! Every small victory is a step in the right direction, and definitely something to be proud of. I am pulling for you!!

  2. Thank you! I was proud to prove to my family members that I can practice self control.

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