still working it

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Still working at the weight loss…. will post more later, wanted a placeholder, LOL

no time, no time at all

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I have been so busy I haven’t had time to record anything… just wanted to jot something down so I don’t lose my blog, lol.

Hit another NSV – finally in size 16!!!! YAYYY!!!!!

More later


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GOAL                                                                                                            ACHIEVED

1) Get out of the two-teens                                                                         8-29-2010

2) 203/34.9 BMI – out of obese class II into class I, 10% lost

3) size 16

4) 199 – ONEderland

5) 189

6) size 14

7a) 179

7b) size 12

9) 174/29.9 BMI no longer obese, only overweight!

10) 169

11) size 10

12) 159

13) 149

14) size 8

15) 144/24.9 BMI NORMAL weight!!!

16) 139

17) 134

18) 129

18) size 6

19) 125 (ish)

20) size 4

weigh-in day

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Okay, so I haven’t been blogging but I HAVE been eating right, and still losing the weight. I’ve just been in a flare for a couple of weeks, been in a lot of pain. I’m spending a lot of time reading on the 3FC forums…. a lot of answers and support over there. I need to keep posting over here though, so I have a record of what I’ve gone through so that I can refer to it later.

So, here’s what’s happening…

Aug 15 weigh in was 213

Aug 22 weigh in was 211

Aug 29 (today) 209!!   MINI-GOAL REACHED!!!

Yay!! I’m out of the two-teens! I’m could have done better the last couple of weeks, but I really have not been getting on the Gazelle. I’m hoping to start feeling better soon so I can get back to to life. I hate this, the pain in my joints is horrid. I’m also wanting to figure out some other exercises that I can eventually do, and some more yummy healthy recipes.

I STILL have not had any Icky D’s… Yay, me!! Last time I had any was July 17th. Luckily, I don’t want it. The only fast food I’ve had has been occasional Taco Bell, and even then I only get something healthy. We’ve gone to TGI Friday’s (oh, the Dragonfire Chicken was really good, and <500 cal!). For lunch at work I’m packing healthy stuff. I just can’t give up my potatoes. I really don’t see why everyone is so down on them. I’m sure they would be bad if I overindulged (like anything), but I just don’t see why they should be avoided entirely. I have cut back on toppings…. I don’t drown them in margarine and sour cream or ranch dressing (and anything else I can find) anymore. I did discover that if I mix vegetable dip mix with sour cream, it makes a delicious baked potato topping. It’s really tasty, I feel like I’m indulging, and I’m still losing weight!

When I started this journey I was wearing large 18s and large men’s 38s. Those I undergrew about 3 weeks ago or so. Lately I’ve been wearing small 18s and men’s Levi’s in a 38. These are starting to get too big, too… so I’ve tried on my Levi’s 16s. I can get them on and fastened, but they are still much too snug. Encouraging, though….only 3 or so weeks ago, I couldn’t get them even close to fastening. In another week or two I expect to be able to report that I’ve had to retire the last of the 18s and 38s and that I’m once again comfortably in Levi’s 16s.

Okay, closing for now. Going to work on a chart of mini-goals that I can post on here (since I’ve met one)!!

results day – end week 3

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It’s been a busy week…lot of OT at work, home stresses…. All kinds of things. Good thing is tho, I haven’t let any of it sidetrack me, I’m still committed and focused on the journey I’ve begun. I’m a little concerned though because I was tempted yesterday…. was craving ice cream, which is one of my biggest weaknesses, and even thought of going to -gasp- McD’s for a sundae. I didn’t though…. but still, that urge was there, and I need to figure out what to do later when the urge comes up again. I don’t want to fail!!

So yesterday, my SO bought a new-to-us Gazelle. Haven’t had a chance to make room for it yet, but look forward to starting to work out. Just hoping my spinal issues don’t stop me!

Weigh in results were awesome….. 215!! 12 down, about 90 to go! 6 pounds and I’m out of the two-teens, 12 pounds and I get out of bmi obese class II into obese class I (and just past 10% of body weight lost)!!!! I bought a pair of next-size-down jeans to help with the focus and determination. Still can’t really see any results, but my clothes sure fit differently. The two pairs of jeans I wore the most have had to be taken out of rotation because they’re too big…. a coworker told me that my clothes were too baggy! Awesome!!

More later!

results day

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So it’s Sunday. I was really excited to get up this morning, but my body isn’t. Must be in an arthritis flare, my spine feels like it’s filled with broken glass. UGH. So I remember, this is one of the many excuses I used to let myself get so big! Okay, so I understand being in pain, but that’s no reason I can’t eat right! So for now, my focus is going to continue to be on my eating habits, and searching for exercises that I can do. I’ve really been thinking a lot about what I’ve been doing to my body, and it disgusts me. I need to record this so that in the future when I am tempted to go back to the drive-thru or buffet or the all-you-can-eat night at the wing place, I can be reminded of just how the results of making the choices made me feel.

On to the GOOD news…. I weighed in at 218, for a loss of 3 more pounds. Starting week 3 a total of 9 pounds down!! I’m not seeing a change in the mirror yet, but I can sure feel a difference in my clothes. I need to start saving money so that when I get to goal I can treat myself to a new wardrobe. Still haven’t decided on mini-goal treats, but know it won’t be food.

More later, my back hurts too badly for me to be able to form coherent thoughts.

Well….. when it rains…

Felt a little better so baked boneless skinless chicken breasts with mixed vegetables with some seasoning and a little evoo. Then I tried to do some laundry…. the drain overflowed everywhere and the dryer won’t start.  In addition I have a bit of a toothache and the back pain is coming back. Aiyiyi.

and then….

Oh I think I am going to run away. Gunshots near my apartment, and immediately following that the sound of running footsteps right outside my door. New city, I really don’t know anyone except a few people I work with, a crappy small apartment in a “safe” part of town (how “safe” is it when right after I moved in 8 people were shot 50 yards away). Oh no, I can’t do this, I am a small-town girl, I’m used my town having about 1 shooting a year, and that being hunting related.  At least once a week there are police helicopters searching this complex. If this is a “safe” part of town, I certainly do not want to find out about the dangerous ones. Gonna head off to bed and cry myself to sleep.

one of those days

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You ever have one of those days when everything has gotten to you and you feel like if someone says even “Good morning!” to you you’ll burst into tears? I hate days like this. Thinking about this weight just makes it worse.

small successes……

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I am so excited…. I tried on a pair of pants that I bought a year ago and relegated to the closet because I couldn’t fasten them… They FIT!!!! So I can’t really see it yet, but my body IS changing!!!

Doing great with staying away from McDonald’s and with eating well. As a treat, having one Activia Light yogurt each day. YUMM!!!!

I can do this….. I WILL do this!!

so it begins….

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I have never blogged before, but I am hoping that coming here will help keep me motivated and give me inspiration. I’ve always dieted before, and I think that has been my problem. I get rid of the weight, and stop dieting…. then the weight comes back, with friends. I need to make a lifestyle change, I have wayyyy too many bad habits and make a lot of bad choices. I am also not in an ideal environment, and have just let myself go, sad to say. I am absolutely miserable, mentally and physically, and losing all this extra weight is going to improve both tremendously.

The one barrier to this journey is going to be my physical limitations. Although I am too young to be in this shape, I have severe arthritis of the spine and degenerative disk disease. Also, I have a herniated disk and a large bone spur in my shoulder that needs surgical intervention… not to mention a couple other illnesses that contribute in their own way, but that’s another story! So, to begin with my lifestyle changes are going to need to be mainly in my eating habits, while I research what I can do (besides walk) that will be safe for me.

I began changing things on Sunday July 18th, so I will weigh in on Sundays. I weighed 227…. and I am 5’4″ (SOB). The first thing that has gone is McDonald’s, yes, convenient, but I have too many meals there, and drink too many sugary drinks (sweet tea several times a week)…especially the Frappe. NO MORE. There are more calories in a frappe than in a Big Mac, (OMG)! Other than McDonald’s, so far I’m just trying to cut back on red meat and sweets. I’m still eating several times a day but keeping it around 1200 calories. I haven’t been feeling deprived at all (and actually McD’s sounds kinda icky right now) and I haven’t been hungry.

So I weighed in on Sunday the 25th, and was astounded to see the scale at 221. I know this rate won’t keep up (it can’t) but it is an encouraging start. My goal is to lose about 1.5 – 2# per week until I am at about 125. It will be a long hard journey, with a lot of temptations.. but I can do it. I HAVE to do it, my health depends on it. If I feel low, I will come here and read some of your inspiring stories…. plus, there will be little encouragements along the way, like today when I wore pants that were so uncomfortable 3 weeks ago that I wouldn’t wear them, but now they are comfortable.

So, thanks for bearing with my rambling. I look forward to your tips, advice, and support.