Called It

I can’t remember whether I declared it in yesterday’s post, but I was hoping that a good eating day would yield a high loss today. It did! From 215.6 to 213.8! Being at 213.8 isn’t great but at least I know that my body will try and kick off the extra pounds from this weekend fast. I’m not going to push it, but it would be awesome to reach 212 by Friday! Here’s hoping!

So tonight I have my second job. Passed out last night without making my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so I woke up early enough this morning in order to. Almost the exact same as yesterday but I don’t mind as I tried a new recipe yesterday. Not really a recipe, just a new sandwich. Bacon and Avocado Grilled Cheese. It’s slightly different from the grilled cheese I found in a blog as I tried to make it a little healthier. Turkey bacon instead of pepperoni and less cheese. It was interesting and really tasty! Though the bacon doesn’t have the same spice as the pepperoni, so I’ll see what else I can do next time I go grocery shopping. Anyway, we’ll see if I end of loosing between today and tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to eat at the bus stop or on the bus before I even get to my shift.

Anything else? Yes. Tomorrow I HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM! I think last Thursday was the last time I went and that wasn’t even a hard work out. Friday I didn’t go to the gym because I couldn’t wake up and yesterday I didn’t make it because I missed the bus AND forgot my duffle bag! So tonight I am going to bed EARLY and waking up with my first alarm! No if’s, and’s or but’s!

No that’s it. Have a terrific, trim Tuesday!

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