Thankfully I was just cautiously optimistic about this weekend on Friday, or the outcome would have been harder to deal with. So Friday night’s dinner was bad, but I was expecting that. Saturday, however, was worse than expected. Went out to breakfast with the boyfriend instead of making it. After errands, we relaxed and snacked on more rice cakes than we should have. Then dinner came around, which was tasty and healthy, but lots of food, and desert of ice cream and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (the boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day surprise). Then Sunday, which was supposed to be a day where I got it together, ended up being a day of junk food, heart candy and general over-eating. The final weight tally is so sad this morning, that I don’t even want to share it… But I really should. 215.6.

There, I’ve shamed myself into eating right this week!

So this morning I was planning on going to the gym, but guess who overslept just enough to miss the bus. And left her duffle bag of work clothes in her room? This guy (or girl). So I went back to the house and skipped the gym. And I’m really not happy about that! I was looking forward to getting to the gym and working my fat ass out! Instead I’m sitting at work, feeling bloated from my late dinner last night. Bleck. But tonight, if it’s not too freezing cold, I’ll walk home from the metro, a 1.3 mile walk. That isn’t hard work out, but hopefully it’ll make me feel a little better.

So, I said I’d share the recipe to the boyfriend’s cookies. They ended up being a resounding success for me! Everyone really liked them and couldn’t believe the were from scratch! Of course, they aren’t the healthiest. I will offset this by including the chicken recipe I made on Saturday. It was really tasty, but I’ll be cutting the amount of broth and white wine like some of the reviewers said. The sauce was kind of creamy but not what I think it was calling for. I felt the chives were a bit throw away, so next time I’ll save the money and not get them. But it coupled perfectly with roasted vegetables and potatoes.

And that’s it for today! Have a marvelous, more-mini-than-Maggie Monday!

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