Here are the recipes to my lower-calorie creations.

Strawberry Mousse “Sundae”~Delectable

4 Large strawberries

1 Sugar Free Jello chocolate Mousse (Or your favorite sugar free pudding)

1 T Sugar free  Hot Fudge topping

2 T Fat free Reddiwip

Remove strawberry “tops” and cut into quarters. Place into bowl.  Open Jello mousse and put into bowl on top of strawberries. Measure out 2 Tablespoons of fat free Reddiwip and put on top of chocolate mousse.  Take 1 tablespoon of hot fudge and heat it for 20 secs in the microwave-or until warm.  Drizzle the hot fudge over the top of the entire dessert. Serve immediately.

Makes 1 serving.  139 calories