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Feeling a little sluggish…Week 14+

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Well – it is Tuesday, June 12…a few days before my official WI#15 – but the past 10 days have felt ‘sluggish’.  I weigh myself at home most mornings to keep track, and all of my ‘whooshes’ have kept pace with my official weigh in I do with my coach.  That being said, my last ‘whoosh’ was -2lb…10 days ago, Saturday June 2, and it was verified by my coach’s scale.  This is the longest I’ve gone as far as weight loss tracking, I’m not too alarmed, as it seems most folks go through this, and the past 14 weeks have been amazing as far as my weight loss.

For those not ‘in the know’ – the ‘whoosh’ I am referring to is the sudden, immediate, overnight drop in weight you have after days of no losses.  You would expect to lose a little every day – but it’s like your body just tries to hold on and then just decides to release it all at once.  Crazy how the human body works!

I do think I’ve become a little lazy as far as weighing and measuring my meat and veggies and I’m trying to be more aware of that – but perhaps I should be as strict as I was at the beginning and start whipping out my scale & measuring cups again.  Hmmm…interesting concept.  I’ve also had to cut back on my walking – I used to take my son on a 2.7mi loop around to the park outside, but now we go to the mall play area as it’s too hot and I cut down to 1mi this past week, but am upping it to 2mi now (this is an approximate length, as I just time my walk).

WI# 1: -9lb, -3.250″, -1.19%
WI# 2: -6lb, -3.000″, -1.01%;
WI# 3: on travel 9 / 14 days;
WI# 4: -6lb, -4.500″, -0.95%;
WI# 5: -5lb, -3.625″, -0.79%
WI# 6: -3lb, -2.375″, -0.57%
WI# 7: -3lb, -1.750″, -0.55%
WI# 8: -3lb, -2.000″, -0.60%
WI# 9: -4lb, -3.375″, -0.69%
WI#10:-2lb, -1.250″, -0.50%
WI#11: -4lb, -1.125″, -0.76%
WI#12: on travel for WI#12
WI#13: -5lb, -2.500″, -0.76%
WI#14: -2lb, -1.250″, -0.48%