It’s been so long since we’ve talked…

Well – I had my 10th Weigh In and am down a total of 41lb!  My weekly stats for pounds, inches, and body fat loss are below.  Don’t have much time to catch up – but I really need to keep up on this – since I seem to spill my thoughts on the 3FC forum and sometimes have more I’d like to share.  This seems as good a place as any to let loose!

WI# 1: -9lb, -3.250″, -1.19%
WI# 2: -6lb, -3.000″, -1.01%
WI# 3: travel 9/14 days (tom)
WI# 4: -6lb, -4.500″, -0.95%
WI# 5: -5lb, -3.625″, -0.79%
WI# 6: -3lb, -2.375″, -0.57%
WI# 7: -3lb, -1.750″, -0.55% (tom)
WI# 8: -3lb, -2.000″, -0.60%
WI# 9: -4lb, -3.375″, -0.69%
WI#10:-2lb, -1.250″, -0.50%

3 Responses to “It’s been so long since we’ve talked…”

  1. angie Says:

    you are doing amazing!

  2. Sharon Says:

    I’m considering thie IP program. Do you work out along with the program. It seems that you lost so quickly?

    You look wonderful.

  3. lizrr Says:

    I did Very slow 2-2.5mile walks the first 8 weeks of P1 then stopped that and picked up light weight lifting ~2-3x/week. I am now a bonafide runner!

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