New Beginnings

I’m not really sure where to start.  I’m not new at this, yet it always feels like day one.  I’ve finally decided that I need to make a change.  Why now?  I’m turning 40 in 5 days… yikes.  So far I have managed to avoid all of the common side effects of being morbidly obese my entire adult life.  I can’t tempt fate much longer.  It is time to really get my butt into gear.  I have managed over the last year to lose some weight, 52 pounds to be exact, but I have a lot more to lose.  I’ve lost the 52 pounds by cutting all sugar out of my diet (unless it comes from fruit), cutting all caffeine out of my diet and drinking only water (lots of water), and cutting all artificial sweeteners out of my diet.  I’m not sure I really have an issue with artificial sweeteners or believe that they attributed to my weight gain, but they did have a tendency to trigger migraines, so they had to go.  Since I have done these things, I have lost the 52 pounds.  I went from 342 to 290.  My new goal?  EXERCISE.  I didn’t get to 300 pounds by being an active person.  I also would like to start cooking a little cleaner.  Less processed foods.  Writing has always been an outlet for me and I am hoping that writing here will help me be accountable in my journey to being more healthy.