Another busy week

May 12th, 2010

Morning everyone and happy no humping day. I’m taking the time to blog now, because today seems like it might be a bit lighter than the past two.  Multiple meetings and stuff both days along with writing process documentation have maxed out my work time. And yes writing process documentation is as BORING as it sounds.  😆


The weekend was nice but too short as always. Kitty managed to avoid leaving me any icky Mother’s Day “presents”, but she did manage to wake me up on Sunday by stomping on my pillow and sniffing my head.  Sigh. I guess I can’t have everything. I go some naps in on the weekend, cooking, cleaning and two trips to the gym.


Monday was busy at work, as usual but at least it wasn’t crazed. I had lots of meetings on Monday so I didn’t even consider coming here  to post. I went straight home after work, and spent a nice evening at home.  Boy Howdy was it cold though. We had some rain storm come in late Saturday and I had to turn the heater back on!  Yesterday was another busy day at work with more meetings. Meetings are the biggest time waster on the plant IMHO. I left work on time and had a nice drive to the gym. I met with the trainer, on time!! No stupid fitness manager throwing a monkey wrench into my day. It was an upper body day and it went well. One of my delt muscles was acting up again and later on I felt a new knot so gotta rub that sucker out again! I did my cardio afterwards and it was very warm. I think the A/C was off in the gym again. I went home right afterwards and had chicken with Thai chili sauce, broccoli patties and corn on the cob with Cotija cheese.. MMMMmmm I watched The Biggest Loser so spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet! Another good show, but I didn’t or don’t get what the deal was with Tony Romo being there I mean he is a football player, but I would think for the last week on campus they would have had someone well, more meaningful.  I did like seeing Helen and Erik. Helen has but on a few pounds thank goodness and looks great and not like a walking skeleton anymore. Erik said he had re-lost 70 pounds, so that is good.  I think it was really important for the contestants to hear from him, more than anyone because things went very bad with him after he left the show and they need to be ready. I was and am very concerned about Michael.  His meltdown, well let’s just say I can really understand where he is coming from. I have been at this for SO long , still am not at goal and still think I look like crap.  You guys can say all you want about how I am wrong, but this is my perception.. right or wrong.  I want to kick and scream and get irate like him very often, but who am I mad with? I guess me.  I was sorry to see Sunny go home, but she looks great and I think has the proper mindset to get the rest of the way. If Michael doesn’t fall to pieces, I can see him winning this thing. I don’t think Daris and Koli have enough left to lose and Ashley? I just don’t see it for her for some reason. I guess I don’t see the “oomph” in her as the other contestants.  After TBL, I went to bed to read.


Up on time this morning. I ate, got changed and on my way. The commute was fine and here I am at work, slaving away.  😆 Actually it is not too bad today.. so far. I have no meetings scheduled for today so that helps. After work I am off to the gym for cardio only day.  Dinner after the gym is meatless meatballs, brown rice and Chinese green beans. Dessert is microwave popcorn or a jello cup or both if I have room. TV is nothing so I’ll be hitting bed early.. YAY



Have a nice Wednesday everyone and don’t forget to sweat.

3 Responses to “Another busy week”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    We all have our meltdowns now and then. I’ve only lost 17 lbs since January which can make me feel pretty lost if it wasn’t because this is the longest I’ve maintained in a LONG time. I used to go on diet for a few months then binge after that.. then back to the yo-yo

    Have a lovely rest of the week!

  2. sunnydaze Says:

    I missed the Michael melt down! Wouldn’t you know that my sister called at the exact same time so I missed it – I had it on mute and could see what was happening but I missed what happened. UGH!

  3. moonfairy Says:

    i missed the meltdown too. going to see if i can watch it on youtube.

    did you notice on the update for sunshine…she was eating a turkey burger with lettuce leaves as a replacement for the buns? i thought that was cool. i think she’ll stick with this, for sure.

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