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I have to say… since starting my work out routine, weeks are just flying by! No complaints here, I welcome the distraction and I absolutely welcome time FLYING by, since I’m waiting for Joey to come home to us!

Today I met with Gary- did an hour of weight and endurance. Once again, he royally kicked my butt. I love that he remembers certain things and uses them to motivate me! Last week he had me stepping up onto the bench and doing a press over my head while up there. Last week I had to hold onto the side to hoist myself (and weights) onto the bench. Today we did the same exercise but with a twist… step up balancing on one foot and THEN do the press! Holy moly is that hard! It’s sooooooo much mind over matter involved! I was getting discouraged because I kept accidentally putting the other foot down when I got up instead of balancing. Well Gary took one look at me and said, “Hey, you’re doing good! Remember last week? You couldn’t do it without holding on! You don’t need to hold on this time!” -And he was right! I did it each time without needing to hold on and without thinking I was going to fall down! Yeah, I had trouble with the balance but it’s a work in progress! πŸ™‚ Did a few other things that I definitely have noticed I’m improving on… like balancing in general (on the floor!). I started out (two weeks ago) losing my balance every few seconds, and couldn’t keep balance while holding the opposite foot up and out to the side for 3 seconds… and today, I could do it AND keep my foot out for the 3 seconds and I did that 8 times each foot! Woot! I love being able to know I’m making progress! We finished our workout and I did about 15 minutes on the treadmill.

I took another picture today- see a difference from last week already! πŸ™‚

I am going to try to step it up this week! I want to add an extra 30 minutes to each workout (except tomorrow’s because I have somewhere to go right after)… I really want to lose 3 lbs this week! I was SO CLOSE last week, so I know I can do it! Just gotta be even tougher on myself! …Well, that and not go out to eat TWICE the day before weigh in! lol

On an unrelated note: Holy moly it’s hot out! Welcome, Spring!

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Weighed in today! Down 2.8 pounds according to weight watchers!!!! However, I also weighed in 2 pounds LIGHTER on my digital scale at home (which I know is calibrated correctly) so I’m not sure which is the correct weight! I will go with my WW weight only since it’s the recorded weighed at WW… but I’m starting to think I’d be better off just weighing at home. I may not do WW tooΒ  much longer… I don’t really follow the plan too much, so basically I am paying $30+ a month to be weighed once a week. Hmm… I’ll have to think about it. I might not cancel now, but maybe when Joey comes home I will. I almost feel like I am ready to do the diet portion on my own anyway, since the last two weeks I didn’t count and really just ate healthy and watched portion control and I lost more than I did following WW! We’ll see I guess!

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Late updating again! Oops! I went to the gym this morning and did my usual… 60 min split between treadmill and bike. I cut it short today because I had some things to take care of today. Otherwise, things were pretty boring today. Working out all week really hit me, I am about to pass out! haha

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Holy crap I’m sore today! WOW! I woke up this morning and thought I had been hit by a truck while I was sleeping, lol. My “abs” (or where they SHOULD be!) are like crazy sore today, I can barely move. My butt is killing me too! I think it’s from doing those planks yesterday! I am going to start doing them a few times a week!

I went to the gym this morning. Spent 45 minutes on the treadmill instead of my normal 30! I was really proud because I kept pushing myself!! I kept pep talking myself, saying, “Just 5 more minutes!” and when I’d do that 5, I’d tell myself to do 5 more. It worked! I did 2.52 miles on the treadmill. I hopped over to the bikes and did 30 minutes there too- 4.59 miles! I thought about doing 45 minutes but there’s a time limit on them and the bike automatically goes into cool down mode at 30 minutes.

So happy tomorrow’ Friday! Mainly because I’m going to be happy and proud to say I did 5 days straight! GO ME!!!!

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I got to spend a few hours yesterday chatting with an old friend! It was nice to catch up but unfortunately I didn’t go to bed until after 12am! Definitely not something I am used to doing… especially since I had to be up before 7 to get all three kids ready and get out the door by 7:45!

I spent an hour with Gary again and, yet again, he kicked my butt. Each day I train with him I realize I say that… which clearly tells me that it’s just going to get more and more challenging! It’s okay though, it’s good because I know I’m pushing myself! Todays list of exercises: planks (holy moly those suckers are hard!), balancing on the stability ball and holding myself up with just my legs/the ball, balancing on one foot while bringing the other out, squat jumps, something with the big weighty machine thing ;)… eh, more things but I have no idea what they’re called! He had me do this one thing… wow, I really almost didn’t make it through! I was only able to do 8 (when he called for 10-12!). Basically I had a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand and I was supposed to step up with the left leg onto a bench, get both feet on the bench and then lift the dumbbells over my head. Come down and repeat each leg 10-12 times……. HARD AS HELL. Like I said, I got 8 per leg and by #5, I was literally thinking I was going to lose my balance and fall over. I had to cheat to hoist myself up because my legs were shaking and sore! We did the rest of the rotation and came back to repeat the bench/dumbbell thing… and guess what! SO much easier the second time around AND I did 10 each!

Gary has really been trying to drill the “MIND OVER MATTER” thing into my head, and I see more and more that it’s true! When I think about it too much, I “can’t” do it… but as soon as I can get past whatever it is, I am able to do it and even outdo what I think I’d be able to! This goes for the balance and the bench exercise!

I am starting to see results! Been taking pictures, but I’m not ready to post them here yet. They’re coming at some point, I promise!

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I’m posting later than usual. I ended up going grocery shopping right after the gym and then came home and pretty much crashed on the couch!

Today at the gym went well. Did 30 min treadmill and 30 min bike. I was going to do 30 more but the bottom of my left foot was hurting pretty bad. I figure it was better not to over do it and risk really hurting myself. Tomorrow I see Gary again, and plan to do 30 on the bike after my training!

I have been sporadically taking progress pictures and today I uploaded them and compared them on the computer. I don’t see a huge difference but the 3 people I showed said they did! I’ll take it! πŸ™‚ I posted it on 3FC 20-Somethings forum too. I am holding off on posting it here for the time being…

Speaking of HERE: To the spammers (if you even read this, which i doubt): Your comments are deleted before they even see the light of day. So don’t waste your time (or mine). I’ve been getting stupid spammy comments that are like “This is interesting, thanks for letting me know!” with a link to some corporate spam site. UGH. Bots. Really 3FC, you should require a captcha to comment!

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I gave up my scale a few weeks ago because I was weighing constantly and not losing, and it was really bringing me down. This was also BEFORE I started working out. I wasn’t following my WW as well as I should have (it was week 1), and little to no daily activity wasn’t very beneficial.

I am missing weighing in and keeping track of my progress. Now I’m debating whether or not to buy another scale and start doing daily weigh ins to keep track. I definitely know the pros and cons… but I think now that I’ve learned more about my health and understand it all better, it would be more of a PRO than a con. If I weigh in and LOST, it will motivate me to keep on doing what I’m doing! I will be even more motivated to get my butt to the gym and to eat right. If I am not seeing a loss, then I know what Gary told me is happening: I am building muscle and may possibly plateau for a bit while my body adjusts. I will be getting LEANER, not LIGHTER. And… if I gain… I know that whatever I’ve done that day is NOT working for my plan to a new life and I need to fix it and make sure to not repeat it!

All in all, I think I will end up being myself another digital scale tomorrow and begin daily weigh ins.

I am also going to buy a fabric tape measure because I just noticed that my arms seem to be toning up ALREADY! They seem less flabby to me, definitely more solid. I’d love to know if I’m losing inches, because in the long run that’s what counts!

I am SO CLOSE to “Onederland” – Hopefully I’ll be IN it this weekend! I almost feel like I should reward myself for getting out of the 200’s because it’s NOT someplace I’d ever like to be again!

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Gary absolutely kicked my behind today! We did all new exercises today… some things with the stability ball, which I manage to balance on fairly well. Lots of work with the dumbbells! He had me doing this one crazy (only crazy because I couldn’t handle it! lol) thing where I was doing bicep curls while balancing on one foot! Ahhh. I totally LACK balance! By my third rotation, though, I was balancing much better. I would only lose balance when I psyched myself out! I was able to call it as it was happening, even he could. I’d start to go down and he’d have to coach me back up, saying “You’re psyching yourself out. Refocus!” And sure enough, I’d focus on something (today it happened to be the license plate of the car outside the window), and then I was able to stay put! Did some rowing and other exercises for the rest of the hour. My THIGHS and BUTT are sore! I really am feeling it today!

As I said yesterday, I decided I wanted to add another 30 minutes to my routine each day. So after working out with Gary for the hour, I popped over to the treadmill and walked a good 30 minutes! I did it on a higher speed than last week! Yay! I also walked without holding on… which sounds like nothing, but I’ve been too scared to do it! So little milestone for me πŸ™‚

On an non-diet/non-exercise note: I am not allowed to watch “Coming Home” anymore. I am watching it and I am a big bawling mess right now! How can someone not cry watching this?? lol

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I definitely need to incorporate some activity into my weekends! After a week of going to the gym, I really felt run down. I’m surprised at how fast my body adjusted to the routine! I am really excited to go to the gym tomorrow!

My mom stays with me on the weekends right now while Joey is deployed, and she is trying to get into shape too. I told her that starting next weekend (supposed to be 65 both days!), we are going to start going to Mount Trashmore and walking the park with Chase. I think an hour of walking each day will be beneficial.

In addition to that, I’m adding an extra 30 minutes to my gym visits each day. Last week I did an hour a day, doing 30 minutes on the bike and treadmill, respectively. I think I am going to either do the stair stepper for 30 minutes, or tack another 15 onto the previous two. I’m kind of scared of the stair stepper- how funny is that? πŸ™‚ I’ll do it eventually, but I think I’m feeling like it’s going to kick my butt!

I also thought about doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred those 5 days a week because when I get home from the YMCA, Chase almost immediately goes down for a nap so it’s just me sitting around. I’m super energetic after the gym so I don’t think doing the Shred will be too much. But I’ll definitely play it by ear!

I’m trying to stay on track with Weight Watchers and definitely trying to drink more than the recommended amount of water each day. I may try to cut some carbs… not completely no carb, though.

I’d like to be 175 (at least) by 6/1/11! I think it’s doable if I can manage to lose 3 pounds per week.

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Had my weigh in this morning! I am down 2.2 pounds! Making it 3 pounds lost since joining Weight Watchers in early March… and 9 pounds lost since 2/21/11 when Joey left on deployment! Exercise really IS paying off! I missed one day of exercise this week, plus I’m bloated (TOM) so I’m hoping for maybe 3 pounds next week! My goal will be to lose 3 a week… if I can manage that I’ll be down 30+ pounds (counting what I’ve lost already)!

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