2010 is our year!

I am so psyched about 2010!  This year is my year to grow in spirit and shrink in pounds.   Yesterday I was feeling very sluggish as a result of a lot of high sodium high fat food over the holidays.  So I made a detox soup.  Basically I took onions, celery, turnip, and a sweet potatoe and sauteed them for about five minutes in a soup pot.  Then I added some water and let it all boil till the veggies were a little softer.  I added some brocoli and lots of spinach.  When everything was cooked I shoved it all in the blender along with a TON of garlic and ginger and pureed the hell out of it all.

The end result was, granted, not pretty to look at.  In fact it looked a little like what you might imagine alien poop to look like.  It really was an alarming shade of green.  But it didn’t taste too bad and I gotta tell you I woke up this morning feeling loads better.   I think I will make variations of this soup for the next day or two.

I got a new exercise video that I am going to try today.  My plan is to join Curves after my bank account recovers from the holidays.  That is another thing I want to work on this year – simplifying my life and living more frugaly and more environmentaly friendly.  Next year I want to make more of  my gifts.  Do any of you out there have similar goals?  Do you know of any online resources or info regarding these topics?  I’d love to hear them! 

So take care everyone and I hope your New Year is off to a great start!


I am one of those people who can really take a trip on a downward spiral.  And the further down I go the uglier it gets.  I become the stereotype of a fat couch potato.  I binge and get really, really lazy.  When I am on that train it is all I can do to get up in the morning and go to work.  At work I do the bare minimum – just enough to get through the day.  Then I go home, pile a bunch of food on a plate and spend the night on the couch binging and zoning out on trash t.v. 

At those times I have absolutely no motivation.  The house gets messier and dirtier.  I avoid social events, skip appointments and postpone deadlines.  And the further down I go, the worse it gets. 

I’m on my way up from one of those down trips now but it is a long, tiring road.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?  What do you do to fight inertia?  How do you make yourself keep putting one foot in front of the other?  Because if I am to succeed, I need to develop tools to keep myself from going so far down the abyss.  I don’t mind messing up or falling off the healthy eating bandwagon, but I cannot let myself take that downward spiral. Because sometimes it is months before I resurface. 

Making this time different

To paraphrase the famous Einstein quote, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  I have been thinking a lot about this quote because this is not my first attempt to turn over a new leaf. Nor is it my fourth, eighteenth, or 100th.  In fact, I may be a candidate for the Guiness Book of World Records for the staggering number of times that I have tried to make lifestyle changes. 

The scary thing is that I am not alone.

We have all read the statistics.  Losing weight and keeping it off is hard.  So what can I do to make this time different?  To figure that out, I am going to spend the next two days trying to remember what I did all the other times. So that I do things differently this time. 

Like many of you out there, I need a starting date to focus on.  So January 1st seems like a pretty logical date.  But for the first time, I am going to use the days leading up to the start date to prepare myself for the changes I intend to make in my life. 

What are you going to do to make this time different?  

Hello world!

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