The Next 27

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As I posted about before, this first 35 pounds is my “prep” face, the start before the start of my weight loss. Meaning, I want to move through this phase as quickly as possible, once I hit 35 pounds off, then I know I’m moving in a right direction.

I started at 334 and I am now at 327.  Keep in mind, I started working out again about a month before I actually weighed so who knows how much I really weighed at the start. I’m thinking I probably took off up to 10 pounds before I weighed.  Now, I’m ready to get out of the 320’s.  8 more pounds until I hit the “teens”.

I don’t look like I weigh 327 at all…perhaps because of my height.  But the downside is I think, I know I have visceral fat which is more inside than out…the really bad fat…the type that surrounds your heart and inner organs.  Not good, and it has to go. Read more about this type of fat here:

I believe once I get out of the 300’s things will change a lot.  I plan to stick to the same eating plan until I hit about 280. Which is low carb, lots of veggies a bit of fruit and protein. 280 is where I started last time I was loosing weight, so just to get back there is a good baseline.  I remember hitting the high 260’s and I looked good, like really good.  But at 260 is still too much weight to carry but I couldn’t help to notice how slender I was…not slim or skinny. But my tummy was shapely…my back was beautiful.  And I think I lost a bit of hope because I was happy with how I looked but felt that at 260 I shouldn’t have been happy.  And I know that once I hit 280 I will be happy with myself, but that is no reason to stop.  On the other hand, the reason why I haven’t set a weight goal is because I want to play it by sight.  Ideally, 170 would be perfect, but when I weighed 190 I wore a size 8…  Here is where its important to love myself for myself.  Here is where a number isn’t as important as how I feel.

Right now, my skin is glowing thanks to my diet and eating vegetables and working out.  Drinking water is helpful too, I drink about 6 bottles per day.

I’ve cut out 90% of the crap I used to eat, I am learning growing and figuring out what works best for me.  The next 27 I hope should come off with moderate effort, I know once I get to say 280/290, I will have to step it up.  I’m ready for the challenge.

327…Day 11

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Well alright now! This is more like it!  I was trying to put the scale on 326 in hopes it would work, but it wasn’t trying to be fooled! 327 it is!  Hitting 326/325 will by Thursday will put me right on track for 323 by Saturday.

328.5…Day 10

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Ugh! Up 1 pound…so says the scale.

But I don’t really think that is the case.  When I weighed last I did it around 10 in the morning, about 30 minutes after waking up. When I weighed yesterday it was about 11 at night.  I think that may have accounted for the variance.

Still tracking towards my goal, I am hoping to see 325/326 by Thursday.

I didn’t feel like going to the gym yesterday, but I forced myself and actually got a pretty good workout.

I started my colon cleanse yesterday.  I craved fat/sugar so I knew it was def. time to clean house.  I may do a detox if I don’t feel the colon cleanse pills are enough.

327.5…Day 8

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Weighed in Sunday morning. Hit 327.5 even after enjoying great food and wine on Saturday :-)

REALLY looking forward to hitting 323 on May 11th!

Revised Weight Goal & Other Stuff

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I am revising my goals based on being 3 pounds off my goal weight.

Start Weight: 334
Current Weight: 328.5 - May 3

May 4th: 328
May 11th: 323 (colon cleanse week)
May 18th: 317
May  25th: 311
June 1st: 305

If I can make my revised target weight, It leaves me about 6 pounds away from my original goal. And I’m OK with that. I still would have lost 29 pounds in about 30 days! I’ll take it.

I am going to project additional goals for June/July…just projections. I won’t set these goals until the end of May.

June 8th: 303 (slower weight loss this week because I have some things going on that I will be eating some yummies)!
June 15th: 297 (colon cleanse week)
June  22:   291
June 29th: 288
July 6th: 285
July 13th: 282
July 21st: 278
July  27th: 275

275 is my first SUPER MAJOR goal, this is the time when I will stop focusing on dropping weight as fast and re-evaluate my food and my exercise regime.  But, we shall see.

And since I’m talking SUPER MAJOR goals, let’s breakdown my milestones.

Phase: Preparation 4/30-6/12 estimated
I call loosing the first 35 pounds the “prep”. I should be 30 days into p90x and also gotten my eating habits down.
SW in Prep Phase: 334, End Weight in Prep Phase:299
Milestone 1 in Prep: 325 llbs (9 pound loss) treat myself to frozen yogurt from blueberri (no toppings!)
Milestone 2 in Prep: 315 llbs (19 pound loss) treat myself to frozen yogurt from blueberri with 1 topping!
Milestone 3 in Prep: 308 llbs  ( 26 pound loss) treat myself to a manicure!
Milestone 4 in Prep: 305llbs (enjoy a cupcake or 2…but that’s it! lol)
End Phase Prep at: 299! Treat myself to a $50 shopping spree for bath, body and beauty products!

Phase 1: Alpha 6/13-7/27 estimated
This is a shorter phase, which is a 24 pound loss. I may face some minor setbacks and frustrations, but I expect I can still continue to loose about 2-3 pounds per week.
SW in Alpha Phase: 299
Milestone 1: 290: Bake chocolate chip cookies and eat them…and share the rest!
Milestone 2: 282: $75 Shopping spree, buy 2 new workout tops and 2 pants
Milestone 3: 279: This is my welcome to the 270’s milestone: Treat myself to gelato!!
End Phase Alpha at 275: What’s my prize? New workout sneakers? I don’t know!

After these phases, I am not sure if my goals will be related to a actual weight loss target or completion of workouts and just rewarding myself for living and being better and being consistent with it.

328.5…Day 6

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Tomorrow, according to my goal counter I should be 325. I just weighed in at 328.5.  I am sure if I weigh in early tomorrow, I should be a solid 328. That 3 pounds off my goal weight.

But I’m not upset.

This week I say I stuck to my eating regime 85%, 15% I did indulge. Not in sweets but I had pasta and KFC :-)
I could make this my eating habits permanently.  So I am happy that I found something that works.

I’ll just have to readjust my goals, and I’m OK with that.

Today I did 60 minutes of cardio and P90x. I would estimate about a 1100 calorie burn between the two.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for the Kenpo p90x workout and if I have time I may hit the gym to do upper body.

P.S. There is no “Day 5″ post because I didn’t weigh in yesterday.

Feeling Fat Continued

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I had the fat feeling for the entire day. Even after hitting my goal weight for today, I looked in the mirror and just felt and looked fat.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

I did my p90x and 60 minutes of cardio at the gym. I am guessing I burned about 1100 calories at the gym and about 500 with p90x.

Day 4: 329…BINGO!

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YES!! I made it to 329! Weighed in after my workout this evening and its 329 exactly.  Granted, I had my shoes off this time, but I will take it.

I never want to see 330 again in my life!!

Now the next step is to work very hard for the rest of the week and next to get out of the 320’s.

Green Smoothie of the Day

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My green smoothie today consisted of:

  • blueberries
  • pineapples
  • spinach
  • almond milk
I don’t like those green smoothie recipes with a million ingredients, I like to keep it simple.  The green smoothie I made on Monday had strawberries instead of blueberries.
If you try this, let me know how you like it!

Feeling Fat Today

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Today, I am feeling all of my 330 pounds.

I feel fine. But I feel like I don’t look fine. No matter what I put on, I just feel fat.

I know its all mental, though I am loosing I am still 330 and today that was made clear to me.

Today my sweetie got me a Panera sandwich and lemonade for breakfast.  I admit, I ate the sandwich but I did pull the bread off one side, making it an open faced sandwich.  I didn’t drink the lemonade, I will save that for the kids later.  Truth be told, its not the worst thing for me to eat.


It got me to thinking, am I feeling bad because I made choices recently that were not on my diet plan? Did I dishonor myself? Maybe.

I do know I am human, and I will make mistakes.

Not sure if I will do p90x today or just 2 hours at the gym instead of 1.

Hoping my weigh in later on hits my 329 target!

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