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It took a month, but I’ve lost about 10 pounds since 7/22.  Actually, about 1 pound to go to hit the 10 pound mark. My goals would have had me at this weight last month BUT its OK. A loss is a loss and I’d rather having lost in the time frame than gained.

I am hoping to round out the month at 280. About 5 more pounds lost. I’ve doing better with my eating. So hopefully, I’ll be able to sustain.

My stomach is my main issue that is getting me down. It’s like huge. And of course, its smaller than I was when I weighed in at 342, but dang.  My core is weak though so I know that is going to be a struggle for me. I am not going to worry too much about it right now. When I hit 270, I’ll see what needs to be done.

So yeah, 285.8. When I started I said I didn’t know what weight I wanted to be. And at 350 pounds, it was really hard to see the forest from the trees. I’ve lost 65 pounds so far. WOW.


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I am anxious to get out of the 290s, like I am ready to go!!!!!!!!

My weight fluctuation is within 5 pounds during the day. I only trust the AM weigh in though. But I just don’t want to see two ninety anything on the scale anymore even with a fluctuation. I’m ready to see the 280’s. I’m OK with fluctuations, in the two eighties! LOL  Just ready to get down.  July was a hard month. I lost but not a lot, didn’t make my goal but not giving up.  A picture is worth 1000 words and to see me now and to look at when I began…its nothing short of a miracle!  I hope by the end of August I will be posting 280 ish!


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Yup, totally wasn’t 290 when I got my scale. No matter, I looked it an felt it. Still working on loosing the first 19. I am not giving up at all. I’ve come too far.

I think I was eating too much, the past week I haven’t been eating totally great but a lot less and each day the scale declines.  So I was probably eating more than I should, which sucks! I didn’t think I was eating too much at all. OH well.

Weighed in at 294 this morning. And I’m OK with that. My tummy FINALLY looks like its getting a bit smaller. I figure that I’ll probably lose at at least 100 pounds. My concern…loose skin and more stretch marks. I want none of that. So far I haven’t noticed either. But I’m using creams and doing p90x to tone and tighten as much as I can.

I had slacked drinking my water, etc… so now I’m back on it. A glass of warm lemon water in the AM followed by a glass of water with Apple Cider Vinegar. Followed by a regular glass of water. This ensures I start the day with 3 glasses of water. Aiming for 12 glasses daily. Still walking and getting back on the p90x after a 5 day break. Not taking the rest days this week since I rested enough already!

New Scale Is On The Way

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Last week I ordered a new scale from Amazon. I received notification that is shipped and it will be here TOMORROW! YAYAYYAYAYAY.

My goal for the month is the First 19 in the 200 pound range. I weighed in at 299 at the start of the month. I am hoping and quite confident that I will weigh in at 290.

I laugh because to be excited to be 290 is kinda of funny but when you started at almost 350, it’s kind of a big deal.  And, being 290 puts me 10 pounds away from my goal and 10 pounds away from when I started to loose weight more than 6 years ago. When I get to 280, 260 is in clear sight. Which is about the same amount of weight I lost when I started six years ago. This is significant. At 260 I looked awesome and I honestly got scared. I was confused because I looked and felt great but thought I shouldn’t because I was 260.  260 isn’t my goal weight by a long shot but it will definitely be a turning point for me.

So I am looking forward to the new scale, and just want to see 290 on the screen!!


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For the first time ever, I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. It happened yesterday actually but that, I reasoned, was a fluke.  How could I like the fat, the rolls, the stretch marks the cellulite, the big tummy and everything that is “wrong” with me. How could I like that?

So today, I got naked it again and once again…I liked it.

I didn’t look past the fat…I see it and I like it. I didn’t look past the tummy, I see it and I like it. Not that I want to keep it around forever! LOL. But this is me, my body is a culmination of my choices. And you know what, yup I’m overweight. And what? I did the best I could with the information that I had and this is me. And I am imperfectly beautiful.

The real work of loving yourself starts from within.

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

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Reading back over this blog. My first post was back in 2009…WOW. I realized that I haven’t been in the 200’s in YEARS.

I came to write a blog about how right now I’m not even feeling like I lost any weight. The euphoria of the first 50 is over and mentally I feel like this is the beginning again. A brief scan of my blog changed all that, I haven’t weight 200 something in a half decade or so. WOW and WOW.

So even though I look in the mirror and see how far I have to go, I am reminded that I’ve come a long way.


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It is finished! I am officially out of the 300’s…just by a pound or so. Though I contend I’m probably close to 297 since I weighed in with my shoes on.  But the 300’s are gone! And I’m not looking back!

I lost nearly fifty pounds by juicing, eliminating a lot of the processed foods, eating in and eating simple. I also started walking about 2x a day for the past month and a half or so.  And get this…i eat fats…olive oil and butter are my friends…in moderation of course just like anything else.  I took my blood pressure at one of the machines and I was 119/83. not the best, but way better than it was last year in December. it was super high…but then again i was nearly 350 so that could have had something to do with it!

Now for what I call the “First 19″. The First 19 is me loosing the first 19 pounds in the 200 pound range. I want to loose an ambitious but doable 19 pounds by the end of the month. About 4 pounds a week. I understand that 1-2llbs a week is “ideal” but when you have a lot of weight to loose is actually not too bad. I’m sure my weight loss will slow when i get around 260-270 and I’ll adjust my expectations accordingly.

It’s Been A While

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2 years to be exact.

Here’s a once sentence recap of what happened in the past 2 years… A LOT and most of all I ballooned up to nearly 350 pounds. Yup, that is not a type three-five-zero.  I am not sure exactly how much but I know it was close to it. I was on day 4 of my juice cleanse when I weighed in a 342. And I am certain I dropped about six pounds by that time.


Right now I stand at 299 with my shoes on….mid-day weigh in. So I’m 297 or just about there.

Can you say, buh-bye 300’s??????!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I NEVER want to see that number on the scale again when it comes to my weight. EVER!!! Even though I am just slightly under I am so happy that that is done with!

Time to keep moving. On and upward (but downward on the scale).

The Next 27

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As I posted about before, this first 35 pounds is my “prep” face, the start before the start of my weight loss. Meaning, I want to move through this phase as quickly as possible, once I hit 35 pounds off, then I know I’m moving in a right direction.

I started at 334 and I am now at 327.  Keep in mind, I started working out again about a month before I actually weighed so who knows how much I really weighed at the start. I’m thinking I probably took off up to 10 pounds before I weighed.  Now, I’m ready to get out of the 320’s.  8 more pounds until I hit the “teens”.

I don’t look like I weigh 327 at all…perhaps because of my height.  But the downside is I think, I know I have visceral fat which is more inside than out…the really bad fat…the type that surrounds your heart and inner organs.  Not good, and it has to go. Read more about this type of fat here:

I believe once I get out of the 300’s things will change a lot.  I plan to stick to the same eating plan until I hit about 280. Which is low carb, lots of veggies a bit of fruit and protein. 280 is where I started last time I was loosing weight, so just to get back there is a good baseline.  I remember hitting the high 260’s and I looked good, like really good.  But at 260 is still too much weight to carry but I couldn’t help to notice how slender I was…not slim or skinny. But my tummy was shapely…my back was beautiful.  And I think I lost a bit of hope because I was happy with how I looked but felt that at 260 I shouldn’t have been happy.  And I know that once I hit 280 I will be happy with myself, but that is no reason to stop.  On the other hand, the reason why I haven’t set a weight goal is because I want to play it by sight.  Ideally, 170 would be perfect, but when I weighed 190 I wore a size 8…  Here is where its important to love myself for myself.  Here is where a number isn’t as important as how I feel.

Right now, my skin is glowing thanks to my diet and eating vegetables and working out.  Drinking water is helpful too, I drink about 6 bottles per day.

I’ve cut out 90% of the crap I used to eat, I am learning growing and figuring out what works best for me.  The next 27 I hope should come off with moderate effort, I know once I get to say 280/290, I will have to step it up.  I’m ready for the challenge.

327…Day 11

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Well alright now! This is more like it!  I was trying to put the scale on 326 in hopes it would work, but it wasn’t trying to be fooled! 327 it is!  Hitting 326/325 will by Thursday will put me right on track for 323 by Saturday.

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