10 pound Mark!

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Yay, lol. I’m so happy right now. I took on two birthday celebrations, in the same week(One last Friday, one yesterday). I lost 2.6 pounds. I almost couldn’t believe it. I feel lighter somehow, I don’t know if it’s my head, heart or body. Either way, it feels good. I’m liking what I see in the mirror as well. My 5 percent mark will be two pounds from now. So, now I have a decision, do I buy a Pandora charm now(I bought one when I hit the 5 pound mark) or at the 5 percent?

Ps. Thank you watchingweight4wedding, I I’ll try that and hopefully the ticker will be displayed sooner rather than later.

Being Responsible

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It has come to my attention from a reliable source(myself), that I’m semi-irresponsible. I say semi because I’m not terrible, I just procrastinate a lot and I’m kinda free flowing, at times. Which can be quite problematic. It’s the difference between comfortably finishing your English essay a few hours before the deadline and you sending it at 11:30, when the deadline is midnight. Mind you, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, but still, there’s definitely room for improvement. I have come to observe that when i’m lackadaisical with tracking and sticking to my program, it flows over into other things in my life Which, I definitely don’t want. So, this week, I’ll track, exercise etc, more strictly and see where it leads me.

Week 10-Weigh-in

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Week 10 Ticker I’ve yet to figure out how to embed it in a post… but there’s the link for my ticker. I am proud to announce I have not gained anything like I expected. Sometimes, that’s truly good enough when you know you’ve been naughty. Today’s my mum’s birthday (Hello birthday cake), and there’s currently a cookie from Subway staring me in the face to accompany my grilled chicken sub (I didn’t buy it!). I’m not even gonna pretend I won’t be eating it, because I will. But, i’ll be good tonight, I think.

Rough Outcomes

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This has been a rather tiring week, I exercised about once, and that was for an actual class :/ I don’t anticipate good weight loss results at tomorrow’s weigh-in, I’d be happy if it just remains the same. Sadly, we’ll be looking through our trackers at tomorrow’s meeting, and I’d like to deem Week 10, the ‘Week of Bad Decisions’. What I learnt, don’t sample food, no matter how good that stuff looks, it’s really not worth it.  Overall, just try to have better impulse control and go with your first instinct. On the plus I haven’t even tried my Valentine’s chocolate.

Unexpected Yet Pleasant Surprise

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On Friday, I met someone I didn’t expect to, the muse for the posters that my local Weight Watchers had printed. I was about to walk out the door when my leader was like, “You need to meet this lady”. I, as shy as ever, was hesitant and said very little. I think I muttered a greeting and gave a little wave… Anyway, the lady had lost over 90 lbs, and she was still going, although, it had taken her three years. I was truly inspired. My leader even showed me a picture of what she looked like before, and there was a dramatic difference. It’s always amazing when you’re working towards something and you get a glimpse into the future, no matter how brief. There mine was, in the flesh, it makes me want to keep going because I know I can get there, it’s not impossible. That is, despite a recent plateau which lasted for two weeks.

Week 9: Friday 15 to Thursday 21

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After missing my weigh-in last week I had a pleasant surprise. My plateau has ended! I lost 2.4 lbs between this week and the one before.

I’m having a bit of trouble with the tickers, so i guess i’ll post that later.

Hello world!

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A brief intro to me: I’m a freshman in college, 17 years old. I joined Weight Watchers last year and it didn’t work out the first time around. So, eventually I stopped going. Then, I rejoined the Friday just before New Year’s because I didn’t want to be looped in with the New Year’s crowd. You know, the one’s who join a gym, etc for their New Year’s resolution and slowly wane out by about midyear. For one, I never liked resolutions, because I don’t see the point in waiting for a new year to make a positive change in your life. So, yeah here I am now going onto my tenth week.