First Month Wrap Up

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2/1/11                         3/1/11                             Results:
Weight” 276.8 lbs       Weight: 272.6 lbs.               -4.2 lbs. lost

Neck: 17″                    Neck: 17″                             0″

Upper Arm: 16 1/2″     U Arm: 16 1/4″                   – 1/4″

Bust: 53″                     Bust: 52 3/4″                       – 1/4″

Waist: 49 1/2″            Waist: 49 1/2″                         0″

Hips: 56 1/2″              Hips: 56 1/2″                          0″

Upper Thigh: 26 1/2″  UThighs: 26″                         – 1/2 ”

Upper Calf: 16 1/2″     UCalves: 16 1/2″                        0″


The last week of February I had the flu with a fever for 3 1/2 days. I ceased working out. The most activity that I did was move from my bed to the living room loveseat.

I was able to increase the amount of time that I spent walking on the treadmill. I was up to 4 ten minute “sessions” 5x a week before I became sick. I have been doing the Core Base Stabilization exercises on my My Fitness page. I began the month by doing three and the week before I got sick I was doing the recommended eight in the Intermediate Level of strength exercises. The areas that I am targeting are upper body, core muscles like abs and lower body like thighs. As you can see even though I am only doing the strength exercises three times a week (recommended every other day) I have already seen some “inches” decreasing.

My husband and I assembled a work out bench that I had in its original box for the past seven years. I asked him to help me as a Valentine’s Day gift to us both. I have begun to make our second bedroom into a dedicated work out area. I have our treadmill in there along with some free weights, a stability ball and some steps. I have lots of exercise dvds as well. I began to repaint the walls just for some fresh color.

My food plan took some tough hits. I had two tough adversaries that I struggled with: not resisting the ever present sweets at some of the social functions I attend and bringing the leftovers back home. Obviously, my self-sabotaging speaks a lot about my conflicted feelings I have about “giving up” some of my favorite comfort foods. This past month points more to how tough this is going to be for me emotionally more than anything else.

Fortunately, when I had a scheduled meal I made good choices but often when I was out I had more to eat than I “should have” or I didn’t even try to find something on the menu that would have worked. I have found that if I undereat when we go out to eat that I return home hungry and my “best efforts” can backfire that way as well.

Actual hunger is a real issue with me. I have heard others talk about “mental hunger” and I will admit at times I do have that; ie, why I reach for “comfort foods”, but actual hunger is also an issue. If I am left to my own “devices”, eating around 3000 calories a day satisfies me physically and, yes, emotionally. That is a lot of calories for a 57 year old perimenopausal inactive woman. I know that. When I hear or read about other people having difficulty eating 1200 calories I am astounded! I would really like to follow that person around for a day or two. I just can’t imagine any one actually being physically satisifed with so few calories. If any one of you reading this is one of those people, I’d like to talk to you.

When I eat the portions recommended per meal even listed here on these food plans, I am still hungry after eating them. I eat slow and I do drink lots of water. Within an hour, I am ravenous, and having used up all of my recommended calories for the day, I usually have a difficult and sometimes physically uncomfortable night ahead of me.

Well, these are my issues and my challenges as I move into this coming month.

I am disappointed by the weight lose results but it could have been worse considering that I had many days of eating a lot more sodium and calories than was recommended.

I am not a quitter. I am as determined as ever that I am going to wrestle this beast to the ground and whip its a**. My learning curve may be slower than others but I plan on finishing what I started.




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