What’s happenin, hot stuff?

Helloooooo? Anybody out there?

I’ll be back soon. I promise.


Hi guys. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with this thing. I’ve started a blog here that has very little to do with my diet but a lot to do with my life. If you’re interested.


I’m sorry guys, I’m the worst blogger ever. I have had so much going on recently.

sitting pretty at 172 again. I think my body just plain likes it here. Am starting to come to terms with that.

I think my self perception is really out of whack. People describe me as being thin but curvy and I just don’t know how to handle that. I almost feel better when somebody tells me my ass looks fat in that skirt. (or whatever)

I think this could be a problem.

I’ve been hanging around on the maintain wagon. I’m once again bouncing between 168 and 172.

I’ve noticed something. When my sodium intake is higher, I don’t have the lightheadedness.

I’m not sure that’s a coincidence.

invasion of the fat pants!!!

No lie, I’ve been wearing my 12s all week. I’m a bad girl.

Full disclosure.

I basically had a big freaking piece of cheesecake for lunch.

The holidays stress me out at work. A lot.

Stress makes me want to eat. A lot.

I work around baked goods.

Not goods.


So I just wanted to get that out of the way. My weight this morning was 165.4 which means I’m .4 lbs away¬† from saying i’ve officially lost 80 lbs, but what the hell.

I’VE LOST 80 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!

I fully expect the number to be up a little bit tomorrow. Maybe my butt to be a little fatter. I looked thin today but I felt fat after my cheesecake lunch.

I do have good news though. DH and I went clothes shopping today (for him) and he now wears a size 38 pant (note: we just donated some of his old size 42s,44s, and even a pair of 46s) and a 16 1/2 dress shirt. I’m so proud of him. Anyway we were at JC Penney and they were having a sale on ladies jeans so I grabbed a pair of 10s and a pair of 8s to try on just to see. I tried on the 10s. Fit pretty well. little bit roomy. What the hell, I’ll try on the 8s.

The 8s fucking fit.

I’m a size fucking 8.

I can’t even handle that.

We went out for dinner to celebrate. I had a big hunk of grilled chicken and green beans and mashed potatos and salad and a little bit of bread. This place deep fries their garlic bread. It’s WEIRD. It tastes like a garlicky donut. I didn’t like it all that much.

Then I cleaned and organized all my kitchen cabinets. Yay!

I have such a headache and I know it will only get worse the longer I stay here typing random crap about my day. Goodnight chickies.


I’ve been a bad blogger. :(

166.4lbs yesterday. Finally FINALLY broke my plateau. Lets hope this trend continues.

PS Do you Twitter? Follow me! http://twitter.com/leighish

I’m okay.

I was back to my low of 167 on saturday but I flew to Long Island NY to visit a friend of mine and well suffice it to say I had one really bad day today as far as my diet goes. But I think it’ll be okay, my calories were well under pretty much every other day last week so I should bounce back pretty quickly.

Inkheartmeg pointed out that I hadn’t told you guys I’d somewhat revived my old blog. DH started it for me when I got pregnant cause he thought i might like to blog about the experience but somewhere between exhaustion and wanting to eat everything I pretty much abandoned it.¬† It’s much more life-in-general-centric than this blog and I suppose at some point these two blogs may merge but for now I’m kind of keeping them seperate. If you’re interested, it’s located here http://ashblog.rmlawrence.org

I’m gonna hit the hay cause I have another long day of flights ahead of me tomorrow but I just wanted to let you girls know I’m okay. And I still miss Sterling.


I’m pretty fucking embarrassed and disappointed in myself.