What’s happenin, hot stuff?

Helloooooo? Anybody out there?

I’ll be back soon. I promise.

Hi guys. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with this thing. I’ve started a blog here that has very little to do with my diet but a lot to do with my life. If you’re interested.

I’m sorry guys, I’m the worst blogger ever. I have had so much going on recently.
sitting pretty at 172 again. I think my body just plain likes it here. Am starting to come to terms with that.
I think my self perception is really out of whack. People describe me as being thin but curvy and [...]

I’ve been hanging around on the maintain wagon. I’m once again bouncing between 168 and 172.
I’ve noticed something. When my sodium intake is higher, I don’t have the lightheadedness.
I’m not sure that’s a coincidence.

invasion of the fat pants!!!
No lie, I’ve been wearing my 12s all week. I’m a bad girl.

I’ve been a bad blogger.
166.4lbs yesterday. Finally FINALLY broke my plateau. Lets hope this trend continues.
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I’m okay.
I was back to my low of 167 on saturday but I flew to Long Island NY to visit a friend of mine and well suffice it to say I had one really bad day today as far as my diet goes. But I think it’ll be okay, my calories were well under pretty [...]

I’m pretty fucking embarrassed and disappointed in myself.