mostly unrelated frustration.

This blog has become a complete sanctuary for spammers. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t get an email every time a comment was posted. I disabled email alerts and changed a few settings hoping to get it under control. I really do NOT want to have to delete this blog without informing you guys about what’s going on. I’d restart and find you again, yes, but I’d rather not go through the trouble.

In diet related news, I’m 23 lbs away from my original high weight. help.

DH and I are starting to get back on the right track, but I mourn for the body I had for a short period of time. After having yet another c-section, I imagine this time around is going to be more difficult. I need to get back in the habit of posting. It helped me a lot.

I’m using My Fitness Pal, also, to help me track calories. If anyone would like to add me, it should be easy to figure out my username.

Tonight I’m going to make Venetian Apricot Chicken. Yeah, like at The Olive Garden. Boy am I happy they keep recipes on their website!

Zumba was a lot more fun when I was 185 lbs.  Now I just feel like I’m going to die.

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