seeing myself naked is SCAARY! AHHH!!!!

Happy Halloween Sisterchicks! I weighed in at 199 on the dot this morning 🙂 I’m hoping I don’t spoil the run tonight. I had planned on making some meringue cookies to take to the halloween festivities tonight (It is also my sister in law’s birthday) to take my mind off of cake and candy but […]

WHAT THE?!?!?!

200.8LBS THIS MORNING. I CAN STILL DO IT!!! EDIT: After a second trip to the restroom, out of curiousity, I jumped back on the scale to find…. 199.6lbs. I stepped off. stepped on. 199.6lbs stepped off. stepped on. 199.6lbs FUCK YEAH! LADIES! I HAVE ARRIVED. ah! I’m so stoked! I was doing the 30 day […]

rock on with your fashionable frown

Today was unmistakably a monday. 202.4 this morning. I’m just so annoyed and frustrated at life in general that I don’t even really care about onederland right now. Eff it! I have tomorrow off. Plans to loaf about on the sofa are quite strong.

what the ….!?!?!?

203.6 this morning after I peed like seabiscuit from all that water I drank last night. I CALL SHENANIGANS!! I’m not going to lie. I’m really frustrated. I know this is normal and I should take a deep breath and keep on plan and it will happen. But I’ve been on my way to onederland […]

integrity family online rhyming dictionary

203 this morning. BLECH. I think I’m retaining water, actually. My whole relationship with the restroom has been questionable lately. DH and I are contemplating giving up soda at home. We’ll have soda when we go out and at work but not at home. I think we’re trying to save money and drink more water. […]

It’s my side of the mountain

I’ve got some sourdough starter in the refrigerator because I’ve been anxiously wanting to make bread ever since I watched Alton Brown make some on Good Eats the other night. weigh in: 201.8lbs moooooooooother f…….. I’m getting closer. Can I hit onederland by halloween? Maybe? My stupid bread didn’t rise properly. I baked it but […]

on my knees I think clearer

203.0lbs this morning. 😀 I had a dream last night that every time I used the rest room, no matter where I was, I would desperately seek out a scale to see where the numbers were. Either I’m getting obsessed with getting to onederland or… well… that’s probably it, really. I didn’t really do much […]

you were not the same after that

I am not an irrational person. But I’m getting awfully sick of seeing that first 2 on the scale readout. I don’t expect to lose the last 4.2lbs before entering onederland overnight…but why the hell can’t I?!?! I was astoundingly lazy today. I haven’t even finished my pedicure yet. today: weigh in:204.0lbs (@#$%) lunch: LC […]

why you gotta act like you know when you don’t know

I was supposed to be at work for 6am this morning. Rob woke me shortly after 5 and neither of us could bring ourselves to get upright. It was like this. “Gotta wake up…..Gotta get ready for work….Oooh was my pillow always this soft?” sleep two minutes “okay…gotta get up….mmmm blanket…” sleep ten minutes. “Seriously […]

what was I thinking!?!??!?!

So I had a whole bag of ghirardelli chocolate chips just sitting there in my refrigerator. Staring at me. Every time I open the door. I’m going to get rid of those, I tell myself. I’m going to make my inlaws some cookies as a thanks for watching DS gratis. Also it’s a sneaky way […]