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Well, unlike the last couple of trips I’ve taken since beginning this weight loss journey, I was NOT a healthy eater when kiddo and I went to Phoenix to visit my sister-in-law.

I did well the first couple of days, eating salads when we went out, but I did cave, and caved hard.

2 weeks 2 days we were gone, and I came back 6lbs heavier.

As I have stated before, my body is not normal. I do believe it would take a “normal” person longer to gain that kind of weight on what I ate. And the bad thing is, the things that made me gain weight, I’m not sure I enjoye
d all that much.

It was my daughter’s 16th birthday, so there was a chocolate/cherry cake. There’s a bakery that makes pies as good as my mom’s (we bought 2 of them while I was there, and I ate my fair share). And then there was the Mexican food, and the Greek food, with bread of some kind on everything! Really tasty pita and homemade tortillas.

Oddly enough, it was Italian night when I actually ate healthy. We did have a few healthy meals that I cooked, and a night out at Sweet Tomatoes (a huge salad bar restaurant). But that couldn’t make up for completely falling off the healthy wagon.

Do I regret it? Yes, in a way. I enjoyed the food – though I will admit fully that the desert stuff I could have passed up. At least stopped at one piece one night, not one piece every night until it was gone. The chicken salad at the Mexican place was very, very yummy, and I should have stuck with that instead of caving and eating the cheesy, refried beanie foods. Though I can’t say I regret the Greek pizza, because that was very, very delicious, and we’d been walking in the heat for hours (shopping at an outlet mall) and that would have been a good lunch, had I not been eating everything else unhealthy.

I’ve told you before, I do not feel food guilt. I’m a little disappointing in myself for eating the deserts, but oh well, it’s done. Move on. I’m home now and hitting the health food hard. I will not make this same mistake twice. My daughter put on a few lbs too,

and she’s back on Atkins, so we’re in this together, which helps. She feels a little upset with herself, too.

I must say, I enjoyed the last two nights of healthy food at home! The rest of the summer, the goal is to stick with it. Get off a few more lbs, especially the 6 I gained in Phoenix.

So, if you’re going to Phoenix, and it’s too hot (heat busting record at 119 while we were there) to do anything outside, don’t spend all your time in restaurants! *grin* Just my little tip of the day.

Pictures of the good and bad. Greek Salad from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (all healthy except the sliced pita). Caesar Pita from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (healthy if I had only eaten the stuffing, not the pita). Peach Pie from Rock Springs Cafe (UNhealthy). Greek Pizza from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (topping fine). Salad bar at Sweet Tomatoes (all good if careful).


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