Poached Egg Whites with…stuff

Posted by leannekarella on June 22nd, 2013 |Filed Under Recipes | Leave a Comment

So, I love hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, etc, etc…but I’m supposed to watch the amount of yolk I consume. Well, that sucks, because I love the yolk the best!

How to hard boil only egg whites? I’ll be danged if I throw out or even give away my hard boiled egg yolks!

I got out hubby’s egg poaching pan and poached just egg whites. It works, but pretty boring without the yolk. So, this morning I took a little piece of ham (about 2 oz), a little piece of cheese (1/2 oz extra sharp between the 3) and put those in the little egg poacher cup, and then poured the egg whites over it and put it in the poacher pan. Sprinkle on a little pepper. Don’t need salt because of the ham. Maybe a little onion powder next time…

Poach over rolling boil for about 4-5 min. Until the whites are solid but not rubbery. Test with a fork.

I like mine with a little tomato. I think next time I might try a little salsa dolloped on top for more zip. Delish!


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