I can’t claim Ideal Protein any longer, I don’t think…

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I have changed the name of my blog from Leanne’s Journey on Ideal Protein to Leanne’s Weight Loss Journey, because I don’t think I can actually claim to be on the actual Ideal Protein diet any longer.

From about 2 months on the diet, I’ve been fiddling with the rules. I use cheese here and there, though try to keep it on the light side. I use condiments that I shouldn’t… (home made low fat ranch dressing, etc…) And I eat way more veggies than the diet calls for.

I have had constant weight and size loss. I didn’t lose any weight (scale weight) for over 6 weeks, but in that time I lost 2 pant sizes. I know the diet I’m dong works.

So here’s an overview of what I’m doing now. The weight loss is slow now, but I am not even worried about that because I have so many medical issues, that any weight loss is a huge accomplishment. I also feel very much healthier eating as I am now, rather than the 750-800 calories a day. I have to active a life to feel so drained out all of the time.

Typical day:

Breakfast: Egg white omelet using about 1/2-2/3 cup liquid egg whites, and about a cup of whatever veggies need to be used up. Today it was a yellow pepper and red onion. 2 oz of protein, usually fat free, no additive ham.

Lunch: HUGE chef salad with about 2 oz of lean meat – ham or turkey or chicken or shrimp. 1/2 oz strong flavored cheese, 3-4 cups of romaine or ice burg lettuce and raw spinach. Other veggies; sweet peppers, onion, tomato (I do take it easy on the tomato amount), cucumber… And for dressing, I make a low-fat ranch and/or Good Seasons mix made without oil.

If this isn’t enough for lunch, I have home made soup. Usually chicken or beef veggie. Fat free, or nearly fat free, with lots of celery and onions, sometimes spinach. Or my salad soup recipe.

Snack: Protein mix of some kind. Nectar fruit drink or a pudding. If I’m super hungry, I use a Fred Meyers brand of Carb Master yogurt added into the pudding. If I’ve missed lunch for some reason and it’s too late in the day to have a bigger meal, I’ll make up one of these pudding/yogurt mixes and it’ll keep me full for 3 hours or so.

Dinner: 6 oz protein. Pan fried (with olive oil) fish, baked or bbq chicken, pan fried or bbq beef, and on occasion some kind of pork. Meatloaf, meatballs, whatever. Depending on the meat consumed the rest of the day depends on the cut of meat I eat in the evening. If it’s been super lean, I’ll have something with more fat like beef or pork. This is also when I eat the heavier veggies. I am in love with cauliflower, portabella mushrooms, cooked spinach, bok choy, zucchini, etc… It’s a fairly big plate of food I have for dinner.

9pm snack: I need to eat to take my nighttime medications, so this is my snack time. I will make a protein shake and freeze it so it’s like eating ice cream. I will eat a protein snack like the soy chips or my favorite is the pretzels from Health Smart. I am also a huge fan of the chocolate brownie Quest Bar, and that I split 50/50 with my hubby because it’s pretty high calorie on its own.

I keep my calories under 1000/day, try to keep the fat under 30% and keep the carbs under 30 net. This also keeps me in ketosis, so I’m not hungry.

I know all the rhetoric behind Ideal Protein, and I have done Atkins in the past. The ketogenic diet makes your body burn fat before muscle, and also is a natural appetite suppressant. It is NOT (and I’m done my research which is more than “follow the plan”) a fail-safe way to lose weight. You have to keep the calories low, and that’s why Ideal Protein works better than Atkins for a lot of people. For someone like me who has medical issues on top of medical issues, including SUPER high insulin resistance, the low calorie is imperative, but feeling like crap because you’re not getting enough calories to keep you going is just not good for me. At 950 calories (approximately) a day, I can function, I can stay awake all day, and I even have energy to do things like helping decorate for a wedding or going four-wheeling.

I still follow the sheet to an extent. I don’t eat the restricted veggies (almost ever, though I had some carrots in a rutabaga stew last week). I don’t eat junk food (though I did enjoy myself at my brother’s wedding). I don’t believe that living with the restrictiveness of the actual Ideal Protein diet is right for me.

I’ve talked this over with my doctor, and she agrees. What I’m doing now is actually more healthy for MY BODY than following the strictly Ideal Protein diet, using Ideal Protein products, which really aren’t all that healthy (high sodium, processed, and in some cases full of sugar).

So this is still my story, but it’s changed a little. I am glad I found Ideal Protein because it got me going in the right direction.

I’ll still continue posting healthy recipes and photos of our suppers as I make them.

Thanks for your support!


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