Rutabaga Beef Soup/Stew

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Okay, not sure this picture does it justice, but this is very yummy. For a 2 cup (very generous) serving, it comes out to (this is approximate depending on the veggies used) 130 calories; 11 protein; 3 fat; 15 carbs; 5 fiber (for 10 net carbs). This is a picture of my very full 6 quart stock pot. (12 servings!)

Either this is a veggie meal with extra protein, OR I use Nectar unflavored protein powder and turn it into my protein lunch. Sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I’ll use a packet of IP soup to add the protein, but that really changes the flavor, of course, and ups the sodium a LOT.

Of course, you can use any veggies you want that aren’t “illegal” on the diet.

For this particular pot, I used some marked-down beef ribs and cooked it down yesterday with just pepper and a dash of salt in the water. I let it sit overnight in the fridge and skimmed off the hardened fat this morning, so this is virtually fat-free. I de-boned the ribs and chopped up the meat and threw it back in the broth.

Put it back on the stove and start chopping up and throwing in veggies. For this pot, I used 1 – 28 oz can of diced (make sure it’s sugar free) tomatoes with juice, 1/2 a rutabaga (I use all the leftover veggies in the fridge), the center leafy parts of the celery stalks, a bunch of green onions (because I was out of regular onions), 1 head of romaine, and I had about a half of a big bag of spinach that was wilting, so I threw that in too. For seasoning I just added a bit more pepper (I love pepper) and a little bit of beef bullion because all the veggies tend to make the beefy flavor too light. Does not need extra salt, because the tomatoes had sodium. Then I put the lid on and set it to simmer and let it go for about 3 hours so all the flavors cook and the veggies (including the rutabaga) get nice and soft. Toward the end I use about 1 tsp of xanthan gum sprinkled very lightly over the top then mix it in so that it has a slightly thickened stew texture. Sometimes I just leave it as soup. Either way, this is not just a diet food, the hubby and kiddo love it too!


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