Milk Substitute at it’s BEST

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I’ve never been a big milk drinker on its own, but I love milk in my hot chocolate, and so many of the protein mixes would taste so much better if they were made with milk. Also, pouring water on my IP alternative cold cereal is just gross. Come on! Right?

So, as with everything else, I went in search of an alternative that’s low carb and lactose free. Though I’ve not followed the 100% lactose free on this diet (using some extra-sharp cheddar every now and then for flavor, and some feta on my salads or in my salad dressings) I try not to go overboard and keep it very small.

So, the first thing I tried was Almond Breeze. I of course got the unsweetened kind. The original tastes pretty nutty and nothing like milk. I used it in my coffee, and that was about it. Ten I tried the same brand of the unsweetened vanilla. It’s, again, very nutty, but then I’m thinking, what do I expect since it’s made of almonds, but the vanilla was pretty good when mixed in with the chocolate pudding or hot chocolate protein mixes. I couldn’t bring myself to put it on the cereal, though.

Well, last week I was in the health food section of the grocery store, going to buy another Almond Breeze, when I spotted Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Vanilla in the cooler section. Hmmm. I’ve had Silk a time or two, and know it’s creamy, but that was long before I needed to stay away from milk products. Anyway, the Silk is 10 calories less per cup (a plus!) at only 30 calories for 8 oz. It is mostly fat (making it not IP compatible) but it only has 1 carb but also 1 fiber, meaning zero net carbs!

Ohhh it’s GOOOD! And it has the SAME amount of Calcium as a cup of skim milk!!!

I got it home and opened it and tried a taste. No, it’s not milk. But it’s not nutty either. It has a nice, light vanilla flavor that goes with everything! And this weekend, my breakfast treat was a bowl of IP cinnamon cereal with the Silk on it. YUM! Yum! YUM!

I have about a cup a day since I got it. 4 oz in my Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte and instant coffee lattes. 4 oz in my pudding/shakes. I add another 4 oz of ice water to both, but the Silk adds just the right creaminess that’s so good. And it makes the BEST IP alternative hot chocolates!

Since I live in Canada, I bought it here, but on my trip to Washington yesterday, I found it in a regular grocery store there, so it’s widely available.


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