Big 60 Calorie snack

Posted by leannekarella on February 22nd, 2013 |Filed Under Recipes | Leave a Comment

Salad has saved me on this diet!

I don’t always follow the vegetable rule (4 cups select, unlimited lettuce) I often eat more select veggies, because I throw them on my lettuce salad. I also eat field green mix as “lettuce” for unlimited, because the calories are the same as iceberg lettuce.

I made this salad today for my morning filler snack, and thought I’d share because first, it was prettier than normal, and secondly, when I entered it in the My Fitness Pal food log, I realized it’s only 60 calories.

So here it is:

3 cups field greens. (I often use romaine)
1/4 chopped sweet peppers (I like red, yellow or orange)
1 oz sliced Pepperoncini
2 oz grape tomatoes
one slice red onion, diced
For the dressing I make Good Seasons Italian mix without oil (vinegar and water) and then change up the flavor by adding different seasonings. This time I threw in extra garlic, a little Splenda and some Dijon mustard to make a sweet Dijon vinegarette.


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