Starvation Mode – Don’t go there!

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I never thought MY body would go into starvation mode. How is this possible? I mean, I’m obese! I should be able to live a month off my fat stores.

Well, it happened.

On Ideal Protein, you are instructed to consume 2 tsp of oil (olive or grapeseed) a day, along with your 3 meal packets, 4 cups veggies, green salad and meat dinner.

Well, I started out the first couple of weeks just great. I would fast fry my meat in a teaspoon for dinner, and have another teaspoon in my salad dressing on my green salad.

As my previous posts point out, I was losing lots of weight fast (especially for me). Then came that post about water retention. Turns out not only was I retaining water, I wasn’t losing any weight. With normal water retention, I can still lose weight, and when the water comes off, the scale shows a nice little whoosh down a pound or more.

Well, I’m taking my diuretics, I drinking my water, and I’m eating exactly what I’m supposed to! I was sure I’d done something to fall out of ketosis, because I felt SOOOO hungry. Since day 4 on the diet, I hadn’t suffered from real hunger pains. Or pangs or whatever you call them. Rumbly “feed me now” feelings of real hunger. The water isn’t coming off, and I feel horrible.

This started on a Friday morning. So all day Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday, I’m just miserable. I even go for a walk, because sometimes exercise will help get the water off. No such luck.

I text my coach, and ask if I fell out of ketosis, if when going back into it you go through the hunger again. He says no. Just stop losing weight.

Well, crap. I have no idea at this point if I’m losing weight, because I’m retaining 3+ lbs of water that I absolutely cannot get off.

Sunday, I make a pork roast for dinner. This is the fattiest meat I’ve eaten since starting the diet, and I’m feeling guilty as all hell for eating it, but it tasted so good, and it was the first time in three days I felt FULL after a meal.

Monday morning, I wake up and I’m not hungry. The light bulb goes on! My body needed the fat! Most of my evening meals consisted of chicken breast, chicken vegetable soup (with chicken breast meat), haddock (totally fat-free fish), and I don’t put any oil on my steamed veggies.

I go to the fridge and pull out my bottle of homemade Italian vinaigrette dressing and really look at it. There’s no oil in it. OMG! (using my daughter’s term) I’m feeling so stupid! I forgot to put the oil in when I made the dressing last week.

So, I get my oil in me on Mon and Tues, and by Wed morning the water is off, and I’ve lost a pound. Now this kind of sucks, because I was losing 3lb a week for 3 weeks up to this point, and now I’ve only lost 1 lb in a week.

At least I know now what was wrong with me, and I will NOT make that mistake again.

I had thought the only way my body would go into starvation mode was if I got below the 800 calories a day. (I average about 900). I now know better. Even at 900-1000 cal, my body NEEDS, and I understand why the diet instructions tells you to use, the 2 tsp of oil a day.


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