Low Carb BBQ Sauce Recipe

Posted by leannekarella on January 15th, 2013 |Filed Under Recipes | Leave a Comment

Through trial and error, mixing and matching recipes I found online, I have come up with a 1 carb BBQ sauce that is better tasting (in my family’s opinion) to anything store bought. The whole family eats this now, not just the dieter!

1 c tomato sauce

1 c low carb ketchup

½ c white vinegar

½ c splenda

¼ c brown sugar substitute (or extra Splenda)

Put above ingredients in small sauce pan and bring to very slow bubble


½ tsp black pepper

2 tsp liquid smoke

½ tsp paprika (smoked paprika is best)

1 tsp garlic pwder

1 tsp onion pwder

½ tsp chili pwder

dash cayenne pwder (to your preference)

dash cinnamon (just a tiny bit!)

Simmer about 20 min on very low heat to blend all the spices.

Makes about 3 cups. 1 carb/Tblsp


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