Today’s my birthday. But besides the fact that my good eating/exercise habits today have gone out the window, I don’t feel like it’s my birthday. I went to a three hour lecture at 9 am like I always do, and I had a headache and was falling asleep the entire time. Then I went to the union for lunch w/ my roommate which we do every tuesday, except that this Tuesday I decide that since it was my birthday I was allowed to have pizza. I’m not sure why I decided that just because it’s my birthday I get to eat whatever shit I want to, but that’s how it’s going down today.

Also my ankles are really pissing me off now. My right one is now bothering me. I just KNOW it’s from walking around Detroit on Friday in my Puma’s and I’m so mad at myself for doing it because it has definitely set me back.

My boss emailed me today and asked in the subject line it said “2 things”. Then in the body of the e-mail it said “first, happy birthday- hope you have a great day. Second, do you have time today or tomorrow to handout fliers on north and central campus” Handing out fliers is not something I like to do normally but on my birthday?! That is NOT something I want to do today. grrrr!

Tomorrow is Passover. I’m going to my grandmother’s cousin in Farmington Hills, MI but they live in a condo with no internet access so I highly doubt that I will get to write anything tomorrow night. I’m not sure how I am supposed to make it without my computer. Isn’t that sad? I guess it’s okay being that my entire major/career is/will be focused on the use of technology and websites. It makes me feel a little bit better that this is my ‘life’

I’m going to go lay down and watch some TV. I should be doing homework though… being that I have two papers due this week and neither one are done…

*I will make 22 count :)*